Skyrim Mods



In case anyone wasn’t aware of them, here are some Skyrim mods I found on the Nexus that would be great if used in conjunction with each other.

On a related note, could anyone give me some advice about installing mods? I’ve seen a few tutorials talk about installing Skyrim and Mod Organizer 2 in locations outside of their default ones. If I own Skyrim through Steam, should I pick someplace other than [Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> steamapps -> common]? What about Mod Organizer? Should that be installed inside my Skyrim folder or somewhere else?


Do they work for both male and female characters?


If you’re using Nexusmods you should definitely use the sites own client Nexus Mod Manager, as it makes things a whole lot simpler.
You download the client from the site, and then whenever you download a mod you should have the option to use NMM (Nexus Mod Manager). Some mods might not use it and you’ll have to install the mods manually, but most mods have the option.

You should look at each mod and see if they have any other required mods before you install them, this will usually be written under the description tab.

And if you’re using Bodyslide you should probably get a “body replacer” to go along with it, like for example: CBBE Replacer


@Tag365 No, these mods are designed to work with CBBE, so they only apply to female characters. However, there’s another mod called “Fat Bastards in Skyrim” that replaces some of the male NPC bodies.

@Tightfit I’ve used Nexus Mod Manager in the past, and I agree that it simplifies the process. That said, I plan to install a LOT of mods. To that effect, I’ve heard that Mod Organizer offers the user far more control and feedback in exchange for a less streamlined experience. I want to try it in hopes that it’ll make it easier to keep track of dependencies and inconsistencies than in NMM.


I actually use all those mods minus weight morphs, and thats because that weight morphs is not compatible with the additional sliders mod. basically, the additional sliders mod’s creator did not make another feature, the feature that is the requirement for weight morphs. i can go into more detail if you like.


@fat-wolf1234 Thanks, that’s really helpful to know. I don’t need any more details than that.


are there any ones where you eat to gain weight




WeightMorphs does~!

It is a lot of work to set up though, especially if you want to get the body-types just right.


How hard are you talking?


I’ve had to install it a couple of times, and each time it’s taken me a few hours to do it, including setting up Bodyslide. A lot of it is setting up all the sliders and tweaks to be perfect for how you want, and I am a bit of a perfectionist. That’s probably what takes the longest, because for some things you need to relaunch the game after you change something.

But if you follow the instructions, it’s pretty easy~


Why doesn’t that mod apply to male characters?


Because creator of this mod are not interested in fat males.


I don’t get why people want fat females and not fat males. What if I don’t want to play as a female?


It’s just about personal taste, and it takes a lot of work to create mods such as these. So it makes sense if the person in question only modifies the things that they’re interested in, and doesn’t take time to do the other.


Because most players are males. Most males like females. Most males who are using this kind of mods are playing on females and enjoy their character’s appearance. Modders create content they want and I clearly said that creators of this kind of mods don’t want to play as males and see fat males around in the game. If you want to play as fat male then create this kind of mod by yourself.


Has anyone tried to install SAM from Vectorplexus. With that you can have a muscular or fat male character and it works along with weightmorphs if you like your character to get from thin to fat or vice versa.


sorry for sort of necroposting, but i wanted to say that Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0 has a weight system, so if you really like a bodyslide preset created using the Additional Sliders mod, you can use it and still be able to gain weight through eating a lot.

whats also neat about it is that if you eat too much you become “gluttonous” slowing your character down. whenever i use it i try to keep my character constantly at that state, lol.


Hardly feel like responding to a 10 day old thread would ever be considered necro-posting, but that’s cool to know about RNaD 2.0, thanks!


Well, the only problem is that default additional sliders are garbage :slight_smile: