Code Serpent's Fat-Related Skyrim Mods

This is a thread dedicated to the mods I make for Skyrim that include weight gain mechanics. These mods are dependent on other frameworks: NiOverride or RaceMenu, and Bodyslide and CBBE BodyMorphs

You can find more detailed info on those mods by doing some Google searches or looking through the forums over at LoversLab, and you can find more info on each of my mods by looking at their pages over on LoversLab.

I’ll be updating this thread if I end up making more mods related to weight gain.

Body Builders
Eating excessively causes the player and NPCs to gain weight. Some NPCs also start off overweight if they are low level and have a high vanilla weight.

Adds new ingredients, enchanted items, and spells that cause expansion effects on those that use them. Also includes an optional patch that adds these effects to vanilla items. Large bodies now cause some size effects, increasing some attributes at the cost of mobility.

This mod adds a food addiction that can cause the player to spontaneously eat food they see and causes weight gain. This mod also adds a lot of other features (all of which can be disabled) that definitely aren’t for everyone. The mod doesn’t require any other mods on LoversLab.


Wait, so you made a mod to make people in skyrim fat? Or is it related to the “muscle weight” you can already set up in the game?

The frameworks I listed allows modders to change the bodyshape of NPCs and the player in new ways, besides the vanilla weight slider. I used those frameworks to make NPCs and the player fat.

If this is a dumb question, please forgive me.
But, do body builders and Morphology work with SSE?

I’ve been tracking WG-related mods for SSE and there are no versions of those at present for SSE. There are techniques for converting Oldrim mods for SSE however, so you could investigate that and see if it works.

The way SE was done seemed to really bum out a lot of modders faced with the prospect of having to recode, despite it failing to fix all the bug problems and code flaws of Skyrim.

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They work for the most part in SSE, though I have had reports of the mods causing some odd morphs. I think this is because the frameworks I use are slightly different between LE (Legendary Edition) and SE(Special Edition).

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Most mods can be converted over from LE to SE very easily. I just haven’t done it for my mods because SE does not agree with my system. So, I stick with LE instead.

Just released another mod over on LoversLab. Take care, it does include some content that might be triggering to some people.

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By the way, I know I should just play it and find out, but what is the limit of the gain? Like a potbelly or immobile?

Skyrim is pretty limited in terms of what you can do to the player’s body, unless animations are made. The weight limit for the weight gain in my mods is comparable to 300-400 pounds, I think.

Heh, fair. Thanks anyways!

Body slide can really take the weight appearance as far as you want to go. I’ve got a few screenshots of my older stuff from a few years ago here to show you what I mean :).

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Huh, small world- I used to use my own custom edit of Body Builders and eventually also Morphology when playing Skyrim, so kinda amused by seeing ya here.

Hello CodeSerpent! I was just wondering real quick, are these three mods of yours compatible with each other?

Yup. They’re designed to be compatible.

Ok cool! Just one more question. For some reason my game has been crashing. It closes out with no error message and I feel like it is something script related since it does this most frequently when loading into a save and, I think, when the character’s body is updating. You don’t know what might be causing it, do you? I’ve tried installing ENBoost, Crash Fixes mod, Bug Fixes, and more but to no avail.

It’s your mod setup. There is no way for anyone but you to know what the issue is.

Hmmm…so one of the other mods might be causing it…
Do you think it could be iNeed? I think that mod is pretty script-heavy.

The description for Body Builders reads that you can feed NPCs by applying another mod, but it doesn’t say.

I uninstalled a bunch of mods and now the game doesn’t seem to be crashing anymore! I’ll have to start reinstalling them back and narrow down which one was causing it.