I think belly is overrated

What’s up with everyone loving the bellies? I prefer thighs and ass, but why do people love to unrealistically portray the belly so much even when they are trying to make it realistic? I think people underexaggerate the tits too, they don’t even reach halfway across the belly most of the time. I get people have their preferences, but this is just a statement to anyone trying to make a realistic wg game.

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Everyone has their own preferences. Something you don’t like as much may be something other people really like.


I know someone who loves “arm”


I think it should be fairly obvious that everyone has their thing that they like.

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I am locking this thread mainly due to the fact that it there is another post in general for discussing this. It can be found here:

Also, @bruh1331 this is the second post of yours that has been worded in a way that can be seen as offensive or not very respectful to those with preferences other then your own. Please read over our be civil rules and try to state your future questions in a more respectful manner. Thank you.