Idea for a game

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while. I’m thinking about a game thats akin to SFRPG but more focussed on vore or stuffing (if people are bothered about vore).

The premise will be that you arrive in a strange place, you wander around for a bit before you get attacked by something. Eventually you beat it and you notice that feel feel exceptionally hungry, you seemingly lose concous control of your body and proceed to consume the thing you have just beaten (if vore is fine, you’d swallow it whole). Now that you have gorged yourself you drag your now very bloated body somewhere to rest, where you find a helpful soul who explains that pretty much everyone in this place suffers from a unsaitiable hunger, but you can find things held by the things that dwell in this place that will change your form, which can help you deal with your hunger and inevitable huge belly.

Thats a quick run through of the base premise i have managed to come up with, but i have no idea how to make a video game or how to code one. So if anyone is interested we could talk about how to go about doing this.


Well for one, welcome Azura! Glad to have you here, and it definitely is a good concept! I’d love to see it expand (pun intended) in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

well i’ve now just got to hope that someone who knows how to code takes interest XD

I hope I don’t come off as offensive with this message, but my opinion is that this is too general of an idea. There isn’t really much to work with here, it’s almost like it’s just a part of a game, and not a full idea for a game.

I was never fond of the idea of hoping someone else will make your game idea for free, but there’s nothing wrong with that, you can have whatever hopes you want. Also, you’re far from the worst example since you’re hoping to work with whoever would be coding the game.

Lastly, in SFRPG you already have the option to vore other characters, so I don’t understand the concept of this that well, or how much it’ll actually add to the game if the game was like this instead.

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you can always become that person, especially if you choose a game engine that require less coding knowledge

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Do you want vore? W e H a v e V o r e
Okui has all the vore you need

Oh and I just noticed you are new, so welcome to the site, enjoy your stay!

@BellyBelting what was the game you mentioned?

@Yamhead do you know of any game engines that are easy for new people to use?

I can’t say for certain since I haven’t used the engines myself but if you were thinking of making a jrpg style game rpgmaker is probably your best choice.
if you want to make something else then GDevelop says that it doesn’t require you to learn a programing language.
Gamemaker is probably also a good choice because of how many tutorials there is and many people use it so if you have a problem then you can easily find some thread where your issue have been resolved

Ok thanks, though does anyone know how you would go about doing sprites and actually doing the belly for them?

Also as for another thing to mention the items would change your character in a way akin to corruption of champions does, though avoiding the sexual stuff

you have to be more specific then that if we are going to be able to help. do you just want different stages of bloat/fat or do you want something more complex like dynamically growing ones?

i was think more of a dynamic sprite, but it would be more for showing how big your characters belly has gotten from theyre over eating (or voring)

you can separate the belly into different parts (like where folds would be) and scale them up and move them around in a way that makes it look like it’s growing correctly, you will probably need some extra sprites in between the lowest and maximum (unless you are ok with it looking a bit cheap) but it would make for a smooth transition without to many animation frames. you would need to experiment with what looks good

something else would be making a vector drawing and making shape keys like you would on a 3d model. I don’t know which game engines let you work with vector drawings though.

ok thanks for the info

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Does anyone have rpg maker resources that would help make a game like what i have said

does anyone have any suggestions to make?

you need to be more specific in what you are looking for. right now we can only really point to free game asset libraries like Top free game assets - or which you can easily find by just googling “free game assets” so we would assume you already found those. if you are looking for fetish specific stuff I am pretty sure you have to make that on your own

oh ok, then do you know of anything that would help with making the fetish stuff? or anyone who has written something that would make it easier for beginners?

here is a tutorial on how to draw fat female characters (you can probably ask questions in that thread as well). I don’t know of any stuffed/bloated tutorials off hand but searching for tutorials on sites where people upload fetish art usually gives something useful.

thanks, do you know of anyone who has done code for vore stuff?