idle games?

so yeah, how about some sort of weight gain idle game? there’s a number of different systems and variations out there, so the potential for one or more games is great. here’s a couple i can throw out

the classic: your basic clicker heroes knockoff, where you defeat enemies to gain currency to level heroes. the difference here being that each hero’s portrait chances with each tier, gaining more and more weight up to immobility. example: Clicker Heroes on Steam

the rpg: more akin to some of the newer idle games, where instead of just having clicker elements, you have a whole town to take care of, with each building providing a specific function. you recruit heroes, form them into squads, and send them out to adventure, gain exp/weight, and bring back currency and materials to upgrade and improve your town. example: No-brainer Heroes 挂机吧!勇者 on Steam

the solo: pure rpg, where instead of having a squad, you have a single character facing off against squads of enemies, killing them all to get exp and items. couple of potential features could be multiple characters/portraits, stats increasing weight to various parts (boosting strength could increase butt and things, defence belly, magic breasts, ect). example: Great Hero's Beard on Steam

the harem: …yeah, possibly could just make crush crush but with weight gain elements. example: Crush Crush on Steam

anyway, just throwing ideas out, as usual

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There was this one:

But the server has gone down and I think we lost the dev in The Great Crash. There’s source code though it the last post.

Crush Crush with weight gain, eh?

Little sad that the foodee girl’s just a tiny bit curvier than the other girls, and is stuck in the realm of the phone calls.

hell, maybe make it a community thing, and have each girl be done by a different artist


What does this stupid UI want from me? Body Unclear?!
Oh NOW it works. Had to insult it first. XD

Also we’ll prob get more phone fling voting events(like with what gave us peanut).

Personally, I’d like to see a fatty Catara, Quill or Mio.

Mio IS best girl imo. Other girls I’d like to see plump: Elle, Bonnibel, Bearverly(her human form, her bear form’s plenty thicc. XD ), Alpha, Pamu, maybe Jelle, Odango, Shibuki, Sirina, and Roxxy.
And from Phone Flings(Besides Wendy): Generica, Lotus, Sawyer, Lake, Willow, Blanche, and the new Babybelle.

…There are a LOT of girls in crush crush(I didn’t even list them all, just my favs. XD). It’s almost reached gacha game levels of roster size.

Omg crush crush but thicc would be amazing lmao

Would a WG version of it be Munch Munch instead?