Idol Manager WG mods

Has Anyone Ever Tried modding Idol Manager to include WG idols, I assume it wouldn’t be that hard, I might try it out for myself and use art from artists I like (for personal use not gonna share).

No attempts, but it has been discussed… multiple times.
Everything exists in theory to make a weight gain system feasible, but nobody has tried to code it all yet.

If you want one, give it a try. Until someone picks it up, it will remain a ‘what if’. If you can use the editor (see my post in link 2) to build an automated weight gain mod (that doesn’t require manual clothes swapping) I think you’ll impress a lot of people here and folk will trip over themselves to contribute and help out.

Once there’s proof of concept, you don’t need to worry about art assets. :stuck_out_tongue:

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ty, as always easier said than done, though i might try, apparently idol manager even has harmony support so that might be something.

Indeed. I was hyped for the game at one point, but I was hoping for it to cook more during development and give you more reasons to get attached to your idols, make them feel more ‘human’. A WG mod is certainly one way to partially make up for that, lol