If you were to be a Pokémon, which species would you want to be?

What species of Pokémon do you want to be if you were to be a Pokémon? I would like to be Stunky or Skuntank, as they’re my favorite Pokémon and I like skunks, so it would be interesting.

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I don’t know why, but I have found Blaziken pretty neat since I first saw it. It just appealed to me. So yes, basically the same story as Tag’s, just with another Pokémon.
And before anyone asks: That was long before I discovered this side of the internet. I just thought it was cool.

Espurr or an Glaceon, they’ve always been solid members on my team, and they’re adorable.

Are we talking anthro or feral? I already have an anthro Mightyena OC, so I guess I’d want to be one of them.

This is honestly a surprisingly difficult question for me to give a definitive answer to, but I’d proooobably go for Zoroark as one of my primary choices at least. I’ve always had a soft spot for how it’s basically a more ‘edgy’ version of a stereotypical folklore fox: a prankster whom just likes to stir up trouble.

Although, while I’m not much of a prank-person in real life, doing some fairly harmless games of “guess who” or whatever would still make for a fun time~.

This is purely from a sentimental standpoint from playing Pokemon growing up but I’d want to be Feraligator since it was the first pokemon that was dear to me, plus its a massive alligator.


A Gallade. That way I can use my hips to set my drink down on.

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me and my girlfriend both love pokemon and we think the pokemon that fit our personalities the best would be me as totodile and her as togepi lmao

Either any of the Fennekin evolution line or one of the Zorua evolution line

Mine probably would be Lucario, loved it ever since Diamond and still love it to this day.

I would have to say Gardevoir. Always been my favorite since gen 3.


Nidoking. The king of Gen 1. Also, a special-attack heavy 'mon, despite his typing being pure physical until Gen 4. Also, the final evolution of the only line to be male in Gen 1. Honestly, this makes my interest (I haven’t expressed it a lot yet) in Nidoqueen make a lot more sense, to be honest. I don’t mean to be rude, but Gardevoir gets too much time in the spotlight for my liking; it also feels like either it was a generation too early, or Gallade a generation too late, because of their evolutionary line being split by their respective generations.

I also like Ditto, for its ability to shapeshift, and copy others, but that’d be a little too much. I’d rather imitate others, not make an exact copy!

In Gen 3, I found a kinship with Slakoth’s evolutionary line, all 3 members. They were my favorites to use in those games!

I can’t think of any others offhand, but then again, I haven’t played Gen 6, and I barely know anything about Gen 8, though I’ve heard about Alcremie…Did Nintendo (like the HQ in Japan) make a numerical pun in English?! As in, 8, ate? Alcremie? Apparently its most powerful attack involves launching a massive amount of frosting at its opponent…If that could be harnessed for the powers of evi-I mean, for the powers of good…!

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Magnemite. Don’t question it.


Ok why you asking us this question? I want to know…

Well, my name kind of gives away my thoughts on this, doesn’t it?


Solgaleo is bestleo.

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i would be Goodra, may i ask why? im just curious.

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Inteleon. I like my spy boi.

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Something in the Litwick evolution line, because reasons.


While I’m not the topic creator, I’m confident it’s just a fairly simple question asked out of fun or pure curiosity – kind of like a mystery dungeion quiz without the…uh…quiz!