Image based CYOA games

I really enjoy the CYOA games that are more of hypothetical game or mental exercise. My only issue is that I seldom see CYOAs of stuff like weight gain, inflation, expansion, etc. Usually they are only tangentially related from what I’ve seen.

I suppose this topic about sharing whichever CYOA you enjoy and perhaps create new ones.

Examples of what I am talking about (NSFW) (Where you can find most the lewd CYOA games)

Hyper Body Cyoa v1 - Album on Imgur (General bigness)

Isekai Form CYOA Completed - Album on Imgur (Can choose up to pretty silly weights)

The Boob Note V4 - Album on Imgur (Breast Expansion)

Most the CYOA games of this type are more of a thought experiment than a legit game you can play.


I saw your post a while ago, and it stuck with me, recently I made this CYOA, it’s my first, so I made an account to share it with you fine peoples.

let me know what i can do better, it was a lot of fun making it


Is there a program or website that people use to make these? I feel like it’d be fun to make one of my own

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I just used gimp (which is free), with a canvas of 1900 pixel by 8000, and copy pasted pics, cropped them, and adjusted them to scale.

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Ah I see, thanks for the tip!

This is great! I’m glad you joined the forums and posted it. It is really well done, especially if this is the first one you ever made.

Also as far as programs used to make stuff like this, there is a bit of information in the subreddit on some of the tools they recommend as well as some other resources that might be helpful

They recommend the programs CYOA Studio and Interactive CYOA Creator along side with GIMP and a few other programs. I haven’t used any of these except for GIMP so I’m not certain how good they are.

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Could someone explain how a CYOA is made? I’m getting that it’s very similar to a tabletop, but can it be solely single player, how much time does it take to set it up, is there software I can use to help generate one, etc.

Edit: Ok, I really should have just had a quick look before asking questions, I literally had no idea what CYOA were, obviously there isn’t software that just makes a CYOA.

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Alright I’m working on a Part 2 right now, I’ll post a WIP.

I’d be happy to take suggestion for more ideas!


I know this discussion is a little out of date, but for Horklump’s CYOA, I would suggest additional drawback of lethargic (low energy), maybe stretch marks, then permeant weight (you can never work it off) and finally ill fitting clothes (ie you can never get clothes that fit perfectly).

I would then suggest boons you could buy with extra points, like light weight (you gain the mobility of the previous teir for each of your fattened parted. IE. immobilizing breasts, belly and ass would have the mobility penalty of only massive, and so forth. It would not make fitting into places any easier. Then something like Perky, (your butt and ass don’t sag as much). Maybe do opposites of drawbacks, like clean eating, never sweat (you don’t sweat but also don’t over heat), and fat acceptance or chubby chaser as the opposite to neet. Finally, as an opposite to my proposed permanent weight, you could chose temporary weight, were the weight would melt away by itself over the course of a year or more (or less) depending on how many points you spend.

I was surprised to get one of those Weight Gaming awards for people clicking on links the other day because I figured this thread just got buried. I’ll go ahead and post a few more things I found if people are interested.

Bigger is better (hyper big everything, boobs butts, bellies, etc. Can take a while to load)

The Great Titty Wish CYOA (Big ol boobs)

The Great Ass Wish CYOA (Big ol butts)

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