Image based CYOA games

I really enjoy the CYOA games that are more of hypothetical game or mental exercise. My only issue is that I seldom see CYOAs of stuff like weight gain, inflation, expansion, etc. Usually they are only tangentially related from what I’ve seen.

I suppose this topic about sharing whichever CYOA you enjoy and perhaps create new ones.

Examples of what I am talking about (NSFW) (Where you can find most the lewd CYOA games)

Hyper Body Cyoa v1 - Album on Imgur (General bigness)

Isekai Form CYOA Completed - Album on Imgur (Can choose up to pretty silly weights)

The Boob Note V4 - Album on Imgur (Breast Expansion)

Most the CYOA games of this type are more of a thought experiment than a legit game you can play.