Uses for Interactive/Image CYOA games?

Heya, I’ve been really interested these days in those image CYOA games, the ones that make you manage points and stuff. (Good thread here if you want to learn about or try some.)

They’re almost all very simple in concept, and mostly have no definitive conclusion. They’re great material for wracking your brain for fun in ways you wouldn’t normally, but not much else.

But that makes me wonder, is there really nothing else to be done with them? These type of CYOAs remind me of the basic structuring of character creators in RPGs, primarily ones that let you change stats or pick boons and banes. Which makes me wonder if it’s not possible to use or integrate these into something bigger? Hopefully in a way that isn’t more work than it’s worth, ha.

I don’t have any particularly large ideas for it myself, but it seems like it has potential, so I felt it was worth bringing it up here in case this sparks concepts or discussion from others.


I feel like there’s a way you could combine these pointbuy cyoas with an open-ended puzzle structure like Storyteller or Scribblenauts. Buy points to be heavy enough enough to push a button, or wide enough to plug a hole, etc

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