Importing fat sprites to RPG Maker MV

I know there’s a thread on this already, but it’s a bit different than what I’m asking.

So, I’m trying to import the sprites from this thread, mainly the ones in the original post, but I can’t figure it out. They’re not sized like base RPG Maker character sprites (trying to use these for playable characters and NPCs.)

What dimensions do I need to crop these to for them to actually work for a playable character / NPC? Any help would be amazing.

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The original post pretty much says it all - basically, RPG Maker expects there to be two four-image-tall rows of character animations, each with four three-image-wide columns that define the animation. Basically, a grid that’s eight characters tall by twelve characters wide. RPG Maker handles the separation of those into individual segments on its own.

The sprites in that sheet are only one row of character sprites - properly twelve images wide, but only four tall. The fix is detailed in the original post - by doubling the vertical dimension of the image’s canvas from 340px to 680px, and leaving the bottom half empty (or pasting the second sheet in the post into the bottom half, if you’d like), RPG Maker is able to properly separate the sprites for a character to use. Once it’s the right size, just stick it into the project’s img/characters folder.

Because of their dimensions, the sprites obviously won’t work with the character generator; if you want to add hair, clothing, etc. you’ll have to draw it by hand or find some templates that fit.

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