Interest check: Roll To Dodge!

Hello! I’m writing to ask you all if by any chance this sounds interesting, and to see if people would be willing to play along.

If you don’t know what this is, here’s a quick rundown:

Roll To Dodge is a free-form role-playing game, usually played over forums or chat, designed to have simple enough rules that anyone can jump in and start playing immediately.
The rules are simple; each player submits an action, and the GM rolls a six-sided die to determine the result of each player’s efforts. There are six levels of success, depending on the number rolled:

[1] - Epic Fail. The action was not performed, and backfired horribly. (Often hilarious, ocassionally salacious)

[2] - Fail. Nothing happened. (Dangerous, in some instances.)

[3] - Partial Success. The exact degree of success is established by the GM.

[4] - Success. The action was carried out adequately.

[5] - Epic Success. The action succeeded in the most positive way possible.

[6] - Overshot. Though the result was achieved, the action backfires horribly due to disproportionately large effort. (This one is also plenty of fun.)

For more information, check out TV Tropes’ article on the matter!

Dice will be rolled on my end, since as far as I’m aware, there’s no dice function on these forums (yet), i’ll make a new post and link it here, if interest is good enough.

Context is about as flexible as can be, simply put, the player characters have been magically transported to a bizarre realm comprised entirely of food. What hijinks may they face, who knows!

The pace is on a play-by-post basis, i’ll (hopefully) update things on a daily basis if this takes off. This means players just have to type out an action a day, don’t worry about missing out on a turn, either, its all pick up and play, after all.

If this sounds interesting in any way, do tell, your support will determine if this becomes something tangible and fun!

Thank you!


I like the idea of play by post but idk about this system. Specifically the overshot mechanic seems like it’d require the players to trust the DM and idk if I can do that with someone who is only slightly less than a random stranger to me.

I fucks with this idea heavy

I’d definitely love to play!

I like the idea and I do hope that forum heads add a dice roll feature in the future

@whimsie You are welcome to raise the suggestion, as well as other feature requests, under Site Feedback, but in any case I’ll make a note of it. :+1:

this sounds awesome!

This sounds great. Would love to see something like it actually happen.

Expressing my interest as well. Sounds like it could be a blast.

Alright! This response tells me there’s at least some interest, therefore, I’ll continue with step 2 of this magnanimous scheme.

Foodland Odd-yssey

If you have any questions, or any oddities come bubbling up, feel free to write them here or in the game thread proper, I’ll (try to) respond all of them as they come.

With all said and done, Have fun!

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Right, So, A quick update.

Basically, the game thread is, as of current, locked.

The reason cited regards concerns from the administrative team, they seem to be sorting those issues on their own.

I’ve sent a message in order to procure some more information regarding the possible future of this teeny tiny project, I’ll keep this thread up with any information I recieve.

Terribly sorry for all the inconvenience.
Hopefully, we’ll sort this out quickly!


It seems like a public post is a no-go. Would moving this to a group DM be in the cards?