Roll to Dodge: Foodland Odd-yssey

You don’t know where you are, last you remember, you were just going to bed, and now, you’re somewhere like you’ve never seen before. What is this place, and, perhaps more importantly, what’s that delicious smell…?

This is the beginning of a new quest, A Roll To Dodge game! the rules are simple:

Firstly, make a character, there is (in most practical terms) no limit, create or import a character to your heart’s content!
(Don’t go making eldritch deities, though! …they’re dreadfully inconvenient.)

Once your character is posted here, I’ll introduce them to the world, detailing their current predicament as it is.

After that’s done, write an action!
There’s no hard limit on what an action constitutes, so long as it can be reasonably done.
I will roll a d6, and based on that, I’ll determine the results.
Not all actions are equal, and sometimes, i’ll give +1’s in a roll, Creativity, wit, and everything nice all have a good chance of getting one of these.

I’ll try and update this once a day, roughly at this same hour, I hope we all have fun!

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Twitchy is a scrawny, anthropomorphic black cat gal dressed in denim short shorts and a red t-shirt with red eyes. She is a smug and confident cat, standing around five feet tall and weighing approximately 110 pounds at present. She has no weapons and no special abilities.

Good day everyone! I am sorry to say this but we are going to be locking this post for the moment.

Play by post is not strictly against the sites current rules, but some of the admins and mods have brought up concerns that we need to get sorted out first before we decide on if we will allow play by post.

If we end up not allowing play by post I will open a new thread in this sub category where we will explain our reasoning and the community can discuss it with us.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and thank you all for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to DM me or any of the @staff.


After some discussion we have decided we are not going to allow public play by post games on the forums. You can find more information and discuss the topic here:

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.