Interest check: weight gain centric MUCK

Hi all!

I’m currently the owner and head wizard of a MUCK, Neighvada Nights. We’re running 25-30 people per night; but it’s a general pony MUCK, not focused on weight gain fetishes, and only MLP races.

Spinning up and deploying a new MUCK specifically for expansion fetishes would be trivial for me, and I’m highly interested in putting it together; it wouldn’t take too long, unless I’m mistaken on something, and I always like taking on new programming projects. But first, I wanted to see if there was any interest in such a thing. I asked on BBW-Chan’s /bbwalt/ and immediately received two very enthusiastic “yes” answers, but obviously three people doesn’t populate a MUCK.

My tentative plan is to have multiple “zones”; one that’s open to everyone, but then things that are furry only, human only, etc… And a minimum level of quality required to join in on RP; nothing extremely strict, but something that would block most F-List bottom barrel roleplayers from crapping up the place (which is my main problem with F-List).

But, before I put in the money to get a domain and a VPS spun up, I have to ask: would there be interest in a MUCK specifically for weight gain and general fat fetish roleplay?

(And if yes, what about names? XpandMUCK was in my head, but it seems uh… obvious.)

I think you’ll find a large number of people here are interested in RP-based WG, given that one of the most popular boards tends to be the RP board. While I’m not a huge fan of RP myself, I’d at least be interested in seeing what would come of this.

Thanks for heading over here to ask this (also, it might behoove you to make a poll, unless you want written responses).

Truthfully, RP isn’t usually my bag either, but the casual discussions and friends you make on MUCKs tend to be unmatched. For example, I couldn’t tell you the last time I was in character on Neighvada, and yet I spend several hours a day just chatting with people.

That said, glad to hear it. I’m going to come up with a name and register a domain tonight.

I love MUCKs, but have been out of them for a long time. It’s a real struggle to keep an active and engaged community of players-- most of my favorite RP-heavy MUCKs struggled with time periods where absolutely nobody was online, and eventually closed down. But if you’re doing it as a side project you clearly know how to build that kind of player base, so I’m pretty excited about this.

Excited to see what you do with it.

I second; I can’t be on all the time but I’d definitely enjoy trying this out.

I’d absolutely love this.

I’d probably give it a shot. Not sure how much time I could be online on it, but I’d try to.

Cool. I’m definitely doing it, then. I have the VPS up and the game running, just working on building some rooms out, writing out the wiki, and porting code over from pony stuff to more general stuff.

Any thoughts on names from you guys? I’m open to whatever.

Looking at this whole MUCK thing, is it restricted to only ponies?

The one that currently exists, Neighvada Nights, is only MLP races, yes. The new one that I am working on for this community will be open to anything non-pony.

So, do we need to client from the site, or do we just wait for yours to be set up?

There’s many types of clients you can use. My recommended client that I use on all MU*s is BeipMU.

So, you’ve got the MUCK and such settled, we just need that as a client to connect to it?

No. This is just an interest check. The MUCK has not been created yet. I am currently working on it.

Neighvada Nights is open if you are interested in ponies; otherwise, you’ll have to wait until I’m finished with this to connect and play.

Ah, got it.

Are you gonna implement weight-gain themed game mechanics or is it in essence a chat room with decorations?

I could implement things like that, if there’s interest! At first I’ll start with a basic MUCK which, yes, basically chat room with decorations, but adding mechanics like that is not out of the question.

Plus it runs on Python and is open source, so anyone can script stuff and add it if they want; I’m happy to allow that also.

If I’m being honest, I would love the kind of classic MU* rpg elements in addition to some weight gain and expansion mechanics others are proposing. Bonus points if they’re interwoven.

What’s the, uh, intended setting of this thing? That’ll help us figure out a name.

Python, you say? I might have to take a look at what scripting for that would involve.

I do like the idea of having an actual “game” in which you can gain weight, yeah. That’s definitely something I would like to actively develop once the MUCK is running proper. It would be easy to integrate with the game itself once the mechanics were settled on and programmed out.

As for setting, my idea is to have several different “zones”. In particular, the three that I’m personally most interested in are:

Modern-day: Just a general modern day city or state. Probably a urban location, and some rural ones. People can build businesses and homes and such.

Future: Futuristic space stuff. Space stations, weird (and of course fattening) planets, etc.

Azeroth: Direct copy of Warcraft’s Azeroth, restricted to Warcraft races. This one is because I’m the co-GM of a huge fat-fetish focused RP guild in WoW, and so there’s going to be a lot of interest for a place like this.

Like most MUCKs, I have no issue with throwing someone a builder bit and letting them go wild on building locations or even entire zones if they have an idea for one they’d like to build and maintain.

And yes, Python! This will be based on Evennia, and once you get the API down it’s quite easy to code for.