Isekai Feeder

Oooh that’s an exciting idea, best of luck!

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Hello everyone, it is time for a small devblog

I learned a lot of new things with this game, I’m currently doing some WG/BE/inflation animations in live 2D, before launching the game.

The demo version will have only 2 interactive characters while the 0.1 version on patreon will have 5 interactive characters + more map areas to explore!!


Will it just be npc gain or can the protag gain as well?


maybe the user can gain weight in version 0.2… but only if I have enough support on patreon and if the version 0.1 sells very well… for now I keep drawing and doing animations for 0.1 !!


Can’t wait to see where this goes. For the MC can will you be able to pick between male, female, and futa? maybe even fatten yourself?

Currently it is not implied what gender you are as the MC but I am already creating a character that will be key to all the people’s extravagant needs; It will be a slime that will be on the ship on the map which can change it’s shape and will be presented in version 0.1!!


The futa version of each slime is on patreon now …also the official game launch is SEPTEMBER 19!!


Isekai feeder release tomorrow at 10pm ET hour!!

demo release on

but if you want version 0.1 support me on patreon!!


I know youve been hyping us up but please dont promote false hope for an upset. Its now 9:15 pst which means its beyond 10pm est please dont hold promises you cant keep. I appreciate your efforts into this but dont lose a community by false ETA’s


maybe he fell asleep, maybe he got his dates mixed up.
but yeah its a little disappointing.


It’s written “ET time”

ET is just an abbreviation for eastern time. There was the same post on patron at about 9pm eastern on Sunday. Meaning “tomorrow” would of been Monday night.


Looks like they’re pushing out a hotfix, according to their patreon.

Oh well, these things happen.

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Thanks for understanding, I had some bugs in the maps and in some models …I’m about to finish the bugs. If everything goes well, I’ll upload the game in a few hours. Again Thank for the patience!!


Totally understand and can respect bugs/issues that can delay release dates. Word to the wise though, in future don’t announce a release date before you’ve had a chance to test the game properly. People would be a lot more understanding if you said i’m aiming to release by x date and missing deadlines rather than confirming a release date and going silent for days after its been missed. I have hope for this project but can’t help but feel there’s something amiss here


yeah i gotta agree, really want to give you the benefit of the doubt but it just feels like you are dragging this out for more patreon money.

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I kinda agree,no updates no nothing, its like with The BIG Royal Rivalry visual novel no demo no nothing

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