It Came From Lantrum! Stuffing/ Vore Focused RPG Maker Game

My heart craves Heidi or Eloa, but being realistic… the most deserving, I think, would be Esse, seeing as she’s the unofficial “fourth” member of the trio.


Technically I think it should be Pro, but specifically I’ll be about Heidi.
So something like the two going off on a Honeymoon and belly shinanagins ensue. XD

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I think the player needs to be the next protagonist in this universe! Imagine if you could do quests for the main characters, seeing their future after the events of the first game like pro getting back to business after he took a break from guard duty to help Heidi with their baby. Or adventure together with Emmie, who seeks knowledge and magic through all of the unexplored lands with Ellie. Or help Clara, who struggles to find a criminal, hiding in the capital. Or help Esse, who wants to bring back Pris’s soul from the afterlife.
The main antagonist would be Famine, the demon Esse fought back in the demon realm, it managed to bring its true form from the Demon world into theirs so it is too powerful even for Esse. At least if she is alone… But she created and fed a demon stone from all the energy she consumed throughout the years of adventuring, she uses it against Famine but nothing works, so she decides to break it into tiny little pieces to give it to her Alliance. The Alliance would be the Empire, The Redhrum island amazons, Chucks cultists and many more. Every player possesses a piece of the stone, that is how they can pull power from digestion themselves and use it to cast spells and empower their attack. But Famine is prepared, it surrounded itself with thralls and minions so the fight seems never ending, Esse needs to bring her own true demon form from her realm to have a chance, Leo and Hyggie can help her to fulfill her destiny.
Aaaaactually, i started creating a GDD about this with an expanded universe…
We could unite Weight Gaming to create our Magnum Opus! This masterpiece Nerds, Clinko and their fellowship created deserves a game like this! I know it is an Utopy… But one can dream right?


It Came From Lantrum is everything i could have asked for, absolutely fantastic. Just really longing for the update which i hope will come ^^. Clara is also my nr1 favourite. Anyone else who likes Clara more than the other girls?


Yes Clara is my favourite


honestly this is a better pitch than most aaa games

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tried to redraw this pic of clara but ended up with more of a fighting pose XD


Game set about 18 years in the future starring Pro and Heidi’s kid named Antoinette (Antagonist, get it?). Kid grew up with a pretty regular childhood befitting of her status, loosely involved and familiar with the ruling elite but largely uninvolved in the government proceedings.
Kid is inspired by her dad to pursue a similar career and strives to become the next royal guard captain, weirdly obsessed with training and sports because of her childhood admiration for her dad’s weird but super cool inquisitor friend and dreams of becoming jacked and strong. However, cursed with her mother’s metabolism, she struggles to gain any mass, remaining a scrawny no matter how hard she tries.
At some point during the time gap, a royal advisor was assassinated. Her name was Esse or something, but Antoinette only met her a few times and didn’t know her much since for some reason her dad has been pretty apprehensive about her getting to know the royal elite on account of them being weird or something.
One day, her dad leaves to resolve issues relating to a new revolutionary group calling themselves the “True Heroes of Lantrum” that claim that the monarchy is evil and must be overthrown in favor of their own leader (honestly could just be Laus again, since he has tried that stuff in the past even before SB)
Shortly after, Antoinette begins hearing a faint voice that whispers things to her, letting her know her father is in danger.
Shenanigans ensue that lead to Antoinette meeting a bunch of weird people, as well as uncovering a weird food-based conspiracy in the government and fairies? In the process she is reunited with the new governess that used to babysit her, the (now Milf) Lady Emilia, as well as a kind and motherly retired inquisitor. She offers gentle advice and often provides anyone with home-baked treats and tea (Just be careful not to mention her past, or she might be tempted to go back to her old ways)


Sequel game needs some adjustments but an interesting and cool start of an idea I think.


drew another Clara, this time in a more Clara like scenario

is my first time doing anything fetish related