Joseph Earnwhile and the Church of Lust


Time for new ideas to be sent out into the universe. New game in the game series has started production as my last one is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This one will probably not hit the floor running until after christmas, but knowing myself and my odd bursts of creativity, I can’t say there won’t be thing happening before then.

I already have a map mostly planned and drawn out, 25+ characters placed and a lot of storylines planned out. Hoping to give this one a bit of a murder/mystery twist.

The plot:
After his escapades in space, Joseph and his now fiance make their way to Paris, France in search of new inspiring tales for Joseph’s now writing career. There are rumors heard around Europe about the depravity of Parisian nightlife, the murders, the intrigue, and even a rumor about a church where nuns are not as pieous as their habits would suggest.

Check out the project page here: Joseph Earnwile and the Church of Lust by WeirdoBeardo89

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My man’s making so many games im going to start having trouble keeping up with the lore of the earnwhile video…game? universe

Is there no word like cinematic but for video games? There is in Italian at least…

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Interactive maybe? That’s the best I could think of at least

I call them “Adventure series”, as they are text adventures. Interactive universe is an interesting take on it though :slight_smile:

There will be nine games in total. We are currently on number four. One for each of Cassian’s eight cardinal sins, plus a game to end the series off. The Elder Gods and the some of the people you meet along the way, will have roles to play all the way until the end. Sorry for writing a whole lore for people to follow, but I enjoy writing. Maybe I need a wiki in the future :-p

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Oh I was joking with that ,I enjoy the fact a fetish game has lore haha,don’t worry about it.

Anyone up for a first preview version of this one to go up? Mostly a map with a few characters and set dressings in it so far. And one main event already coded into it. Give me a small thumbs up (or a like/heart) if you are in for a small bout of exploration!

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A very threadbare first edition, but I am excited for the storylines coming up in this game. For now: have a look around and see if you can find a few hints about future questlines and ideas from names and setups. Have some fun exploring for a few minutes.

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Hey dude, checked out all your games and they’re pretty fun. Been tinkering with quest myself after I played yours. Question: what do you use for the AI images? I’m thinking of making my own minigame for starters but some imaging makes everything nicer and yours seem to be great at gradual weight gain

Hey my man. My art is made on Dezgo, with LoRAs from CivitAI. It takes some work to get the progressions ok. I also use GIMP to edit images where needed (mostly fixing hands and eyes).

Ok not so sure on how the LoRAs exactly works, but mainly how do you get them in progression? Just ask the AI for another one and hope it’s similar? Sorry for the questions this is my first run with these types of generators

Trying to get on your discord but it says I’m unable to accept your invite, merde, could really use some insights so I can get fully started on this

The linktree link seems to still work for me

I didn’t realize this was a whole series. What order does it go in?

Gluttony → Sloth → Wrath → Lust I’m pretty sure

That’s right, gluttony, sloth, wrath, lust and after that: sorrow :slight_smile:

New update, and now a little bit more to do in the game. Check out Gabriella and the library, look around for any displaced books, or simply have a good look around to see any small changes to room layouts or small character updates.

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As a tiny sidenote: I am experimenting a tiny bit in RenPy. If you want to have a look at a seconds long thing I made this morning: here you go!

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Making all the images of the girls available on my patreon for those who support me. In case you want to see the girls again without replaying the whole game.

A small update, but at least I am back at it. My other jobs take a lot out of me lately, so updates may trickle more than flow from me for a little while until I get some energy back.