Joseph Earnwile and the Goddess of Gluttony

Ah okay, Do i need to progress further in weight with the goddess then? i don’t see a dialog option yet for the Radio and i have found the radio

yes, you need to get to a point of weight, then talk to her about an escape to trigger the dialogue.

Oh, and I misremembered. If you want to read the calorie count of an item, go to the fattener’s hut and try to weight the food items :slight_smile:

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Before playing this I saw on the featured fetishes and one got my attention “death feederism”, does this mean that there’s a character or characters that can be fed enough to kill them? Or is just a thing that can happen as a bad ending or something?
Edit: also just to be sure, is there male weight gain? I’ve seen the tags, but asking doesn’t hurt.

The answer to your first question is yes, there are characters who will die from being overfed. As for your second question, as far as I am aware, there is precisely one instance of male weight gain, confined to one bad ending.

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