Joseph Earnwile and the Wrath of the Plant People


You guys know the deal by now: new game in the series under production. This one will probably be a little more slow moving, but knowing me and my bursts of productivity it is hard to say exactly when version updates will happen.

The plot:
You are Joseph Earnwile, and if anyone was to ask you, you’d tell them you are one of the best adventurers and researchers in the world. Still, not a single one of your attempted papers have yet been published anywhere. After leaving England behind, you set your sight on mainland Europe. On the boat there you hear a rumor of cows dissapearing from field in the Netherlands. You don’t know a single word of Dutch, or German… come to think of it you know very little about other languages in general. Yet you decide then and there that the city of Delft will be your next base of research, if only you could find the money to get there…

Luckily for you, as you step of the boat, you find a small purse filled with odd coins. You can’t see any owner anywhere nearby, and as such decide that what was his is now yours. With the money in hand, and what little belongings you have left in tow, you get on the railroad line heading towards Delft.

Check out the project page here: Joseph Earnwile and the Wrath of the Plant People by WeirdoBeardo89

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Small poll:

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And: a very early prototype. Read devlog to see what it contains.


Damn you really work fast. Excited for this game tho!

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Glad to see some excitement :slight_smile: And yeah, I may have a mania thing going.


Another small poll up.

Results of the last poll, which I will take as: keep on trucking the way I already do!

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Fresh and new!


Results are in. Seems I keep going steady as she goes, with some main storylines that are slightly bigger, and some minor ones that are more for fun or to test new mechanics. Thank you for voting!


Another thing I am wondering about. I would be able to handle at least three translations myself, but I need to know what people want and need :slight_smile:

Progress is slow but steady so far. A few personal problems to attend to, including my wife’s health. Progress will probably speed up when the wife feels better overall :slight_smile:

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New version up just now. Read the Devlog for some updates!

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Check devlog for more details. I am calling this one: The Slime Update.
This one have focused on one character, but as a result I have had to add several new items, characters, dialogue and other little things to make it work. This is probably one of the bigger and more involved mission structures I have made in my games so far, having characters interact and things happening in many different rooms. Even has an ending that may lead me to making a darker sub-ending later on.

how does this relate to pregnancy?

It does not as of yet, but in a future update it will :slight_smile:

ok thanks you… why i have feeling we going met rose from the first one?

Oh, you already can meet rose :slight_smile:

When it comes to the pregnancy: it may be multiples.

A lot of new stuff in this one. Check the devlog!

Love the fact choices made from previous games actually matter :D.

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