July 2019 Income Statement

Good day everyone! Things went smoothly this month so I am actually going to get one of these out in a reasonable time again for once! So as usual lets start with the overview then point out some interesting things.

So a few quick things of note:

  1. We are almost back in the black! Next month we will finally be back in the black assuming no more major costs come up or reductions in income occure.

  2. You will see the backup for the droplet is only $0.25 this month. This is just due to the fact that we only turned on the service for the last quarter of the month. This fee will usually be closer to $1.00.

  3. You may notice we have received a full refund from @Dr-Black-Jack and @Vern101 for the overloard project. This was very kind of them to offer to us. As many of you may know we treat dev grants as a sunk cost since it is too expensive for us to have a lawyer work out proper contracts right now. So any time we give out one of these grants we know there is a possibility some one can cut and run. Knowing that it was very kind of them to refund us the investment.

  4. You may also notice that half of that refund ($500) was moved to a new project. This is another project that was being done by @Dr-Black-Jack group called the Konosuba WG Project that was started well before the Overlord WG project. We figured since the original investment was $400 by the site and then $600 split between @kilif and myself, and the fact we where more disappointed in seeing a promising project this community would enjoy shut down, we decided to take a portion of our personal investment ($500/$600 from us) and move it over to that project to help with its completion. We really hope the community will end up enjoying it once it is finished! We will be releasing more info in an upcoming announcement.

And as usual, if you like what we do here and wish to support us you can do so through Patreon:

WGFIncomeStatements_8-19.pdf (358.4 KB)


Happy to see some of the grant returned (generously!) and moved to another project.

It’s a distant hope for Project Overlord to return, even if very slowly, but if planning allows it’d be awesome to see.

Anyway, I appreciate this transparency, and happy to see strides to being back in the black!