Providing Support to the Konosuba WG Project

For those of you who have not seen our income statement post yet we where refunded the $1000 investment into the Overlord WG project by both @Vern101 and @Dr-Black-Jack.

That being said we expressed to @Dr-Black-Jack how we where more disappointed in seeing the project canceled as we feel it would have been a fun game for the community to have access to. @Dr-Black-Jack then informed us that they had another game that was already in the works that they where looking for a final round of investments on. After talking with @Dr-Black-Jack, @kilif and myself decided that it was far enough along that it would be a relatively safe investment so we decided to transfer $500 of our personal $600 investment to try to help them get the last pieces they need for the game.

Here is a teaser trailer that they just released to help you all get an idea of the project:

We hope that you all will find this an enjoyable little VN once it comes out!

And as usual, if you like what we do here and wish to support us you can do so through Patreon:


Ah! The art’s by Kurokaze! I love them! :green_heart:

Some of the art is, they have quite a few artists doing different parts.

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I never watch this anime, so maby now is good time too watch it.

Just saw the first episode recently myself.