jumanji-esque WG video game

so guys, i’ve been thinking. there was this decent “board game of change” story over on writing.com, but unfortunately i can no longer find it. so then my brain went to thinking mode. that would be an aces video game concept. unfortunately, i know absolutely nothing about coding and whatnot, and frankly, i can’t make a video game to save my life. so here i am, leaving this idea out in the open for one of you fine talented folks to take it and run with it. because honestly, i just want to see it happen one way or another. cheers.


It’s a solid concept no doubt. I believe it was @GLWuffie here that was making a board game to this effect. Check out Weighted Dice! Weighted Dice (v0.74 - Patreon v4) - Updated 12/21/19

That does sound quite cool