Juni's Appetite

We where given permission from Cakehoarder to post about Juni’s Appetite here. Here is the synopsis of the game:

Juni’s Appetite is a visual novel game that focuses on one girl’s insatiable hunger.

Meet Juniper the elf, and watch her waistline grow as the witch’s curse consumes her thoughts, and she has to eat everything in sight to stay sane. Her catboy companion, Salem, tries his best to help her resist temptation. Prepare for detailed cutscenes and immersive story for each picture, with alternate routes and romantic tension.

Release data is scheduled for sometime around end of 2018.

Special “preorders” will be available that grant early access to the game, and your name in the credits screen. It will be released for free on DA though.

Original post here: Juni's Appetite by catboymech on DeviantArt
Post granting permission in the comments here: https://www.deviantart.com/cakehoarder/journal/Big-Plans-please-read-important-754168835


I love cakehoarder’s art! I’m looking forward to this!

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this website can be shockingly professional at times. THIS is one of those times.

anyways, nice to see this here too.


Since google sign-in made it easy, I made an account to update here. Thanks @grotlover2 for writing the OP

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Glad to have you on! I will transfer ownership of the topic to you. If you ever feel like you need a full category to yourself in our curated projects, feel free to apply for our Dev Group.

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Thank you very much :relaxed: And I think your curated projects are probably more special :> But thank you for the offer!

Here’s a little update I posted to my twitter to get people hype:

[note, this does not reflect the final UI or the final image]


the GUI for version 1.0 is finished! Along with some more plot and background work!


Dang you are working fast on that. Cant wait to see it when it comes out!

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Hey everyone! The project is coming along so fast, and I don’t want to stop the roll to take on commissions, but I need to be realistic, that I need money to fix my car. If the game can get enough backing, I’ll be able to keep working on this and potentially get a September release date!

For info on how to support the project, please read here!


Thank you guys all so much for such a warm welcome ;w;


The game is now free for the public!

Currently on version 1.2.7

| ==== DOWNLOAD LINKS ==== |

  • Windows/Linux

[mediafire download]

[dropbox download]

  • Mac

[mediafire download]

[dropbox download]

  • Android APK

[sta.sh download]


  • Windows/Linux

Click here for instructions

  • Mac

[Need volunteer with mac please]

  • Android APK

Click here for instructions

| ==== CONTENT WARNINGS ==== |

Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out my game! [I know the description is long, bear with me.]

This game has a suggested rating of Mature/17+

Juni’s Appetite contains some coarse language, suggestive content, and some nudity. I heavily recommend playing alone, at home [or with a friend I don’t judge].

Now that we got that out of the way, yay~ It’s done! I spent a lot of sleepless nights getting this ready for everyone, so please leave comments if you liked it! [try not to spoil it for anyone else though hehe]

Please note: I won’t be re-uploading this deviation whenever a new version is out, that would get annoying fast. Instead, I’ll keep a changelog here in the artist’s description box.

| ==== F.A.Q ==== |

  • How do I install it?

Please check under the “Installation Guides” header, for images that detail the installation process.

  • I found an error/typo, what do I do?

If you found a bug/typo, note me here on da (or on discord) and I will make changes for the next version.

  • What did you use to make this?

I used Ren’py, a visual novel maker.

  • Where did you find the SFX/Music?

I obtained royalty-free resources from Freesound and from Incompetech.

  • What font is that?

It’s a font I made with my own personal handwriting, you can download it [here]

  • Can I upload screenshots / meme with images from the game?

Yes! Please link back to this game if you do upload screenshots.

  • Dropbox won’t let me download it?

I only have an individual dropbox account, and sometimes it does limit the number of downloads in a day. Please just have patience and you’ll get to play it soon! (consider using the mediafire link instead, potentially slower but more reliable)

  • Will it run on [this] or [that]?

Short answer: I don’t know completely. It should work for windows 7, 8, and 10, Mac OSX, and Android 4.0 or higher. Test it and leave a comment below if it works [or doesn’t work] for you!

  • When are you going to make more games / will you make more games?

Yes, I will be making more games. I don’t have a timeline but I do plan to make more.

  • Will you be doing more with Juni, Salem, and Erith?

I would like to do more with them, it’ll likely be a while as I’m kind of tired of seeing them constantly for months haha, but I love the characters a lot and would love to draw them more.

  • Can I draw Juni/Salem/Erith?

Please! I would love to see and feature your fanart!

| ==== CHANGELOG ==== |

Version 1.2.4 - released 10/19/18

-Fixed typos

-Fixed transition issues

Version 1.2.5 - released 10/20/18

-Fixed credit scene

Version 1.2.7 - released 10/21/18

-Fixed typo

-Fixed Juni's sleeves

-Added/Updated android GUI

-Added android splashscreen/icons 

Please check the deviantart deviation for more comments/updated news


I did not realize it was coming out so early but it was extremely fun to play! Can’t wait for more in the future!


Working on a special side game focusing on Salem for the Game Jam!


The sta.sh APK download seems broken. When I go to the sta.sh page and go to the download link, it tells me “the page you wanted to visit does not exist”

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yeah I know, it’s a problem with sta.sh, if it goes a while without any downloads, people complain it breaks. when I open it to test it myself, it ‘reboots’ it I guess. I’m not sure what they’re doing there but it’s a bit of a pain in the behind.

I’ll edit the desc to include mediafire as well.