Just Another Bite! A WIP Minecraft Mod All about stuffing yourself till you're ready to pop!

you can disable popping in the game rules when starting a new world and looking for the popping rule and setting it to false.


really loving this mod, especially with the pokemon packs…

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what do i need for mod essentials and where do i start?

If you still need help, what you need just to play the mod are:

The mod itself (latest release is 1.18.2 in August 2023 I believe, unless I missed an update to this mod)
The Forge mod loader (make sure it’s for 1.18.2 if you use the version i mentioned)
The Custom Player Models mod (linked at the top of the thread)
A CPM player model (in order to play the customizable animation for the mod. a few were shared here or you can make your own)

Aside from that you can add any other mods you like, assuming there’s no compatibility issues. As for where to start, you can either test the mod’s contents in a creative world or just jump straight into a survival world. Most of the content provided in this mod should be accessible in an old world, but it’s been awhile since I last played with this mod. Hopefully that answers your questions, though if you need further clarifications on either question, feel free to ask.

Hi, I’ve been having trouble with the models. Even when using models made by others that are already compatible, I’ve never managed to get the oversaturation animations to work.

I’m using what I believe is the most recent release, for 1.18 at least, with Minecraft itself being the same version. All the models I’ve tried have the $value$oversat gesture, though I’ve never seen any trace of a setting to make it Command Activated anywhere, let alone signs that its enabled, so maybe that’s the issue? My Custom Playermodels is also 1.18, so it should be up to date relative to the version. I haven’t tried downgrading to 1.16, so maybe that option was removed at some point? Otherwise, I have no clue what’s going on.