Just Another Bite! A WIP Minecraft Mod All about stuffing yourself till you're ready to pop!

I recommend you keep an eye on my profile, sooner or later I will release a public version of all the models that I have made with compatibility with this mod~


Your WG profile, or somewhere else?

I would say Twitter, there I upload more news about my progress, here I would only upload the completed work

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Downloaded the models the day they came out and thought abut this mod. Happy to hear that you’re making mod-compatible versions

OP definitely needs a quick guide and a recent screencap or two.
What version of Minecraft, Forge vs Fabric, advice on how to play the mod’s contents, a list of community-created models, that kind of stuff.


there’s the fat craft discord its got plenty of pretty good models
its also 1.16.5 forge, there is one for 1.18.2 forge again on the discord and a dedicated jab channel list (somewhere it aint showed up for me yet)
also I aint the dev so I’m going off what i do know.

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do you have the invite link for the server?

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the invite’s outdated, can you create a new one?

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