Just Another Bite! A WIP Minecraft Mod All about stuffing yourself till you're ready to pop!

Is there anyways to activate chloro filled with commands? and the delflation key doesnt always work…
Another thing is after i die with my model being inflated/fat it stays that way until i do it again…

  1. Chlorofilled is activated by just having the effect. It should perpetually refresh? But I am not sure.

/effect give @p justanotherbite:chloro_filled 1 2500

  1. Yeah, that’s something we kind of have yet to figure out? I think I have an idea though.

So i made two models all the same frames 1-6 made a 7th frame that is more of an immobile blob style and then another model having the blob 7th and a blimp 8th (its not that amazing) blob and blimp respectively https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FpxOGBR0EwZwY6r6CPK3m48IEY3qctY4?usp=drive_link

The link is inaccessible for me, is it set to only select individuals or is that an error?

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I just fixed it try again sorry

Yo! Could we see what they look like? Or is it a blank slate type thing?