Kate's Uni Days



[quote=“zeezle, post:80, topic:1019”]On replaying, it seems that the dialogue options for the people in the dorm don’t update until you take anything only found in the second semester.
As you can see in the picture (hopefully) The second semester has started but romance options and dialogue is acting as if it were Semester 1.[/quote]

I am at a loss as to why that is happening. Like I said, that never happened during any playtest nor has anyone brought it up (and that’s a fairly major thing so it’s not like they’ve been ignoring it - probably!)

Oh well, that’s a mystery that won’t get solved. I’ve added a failsafe that should trigger Semester 2’s stuff at a different stage of the transition so it should definitely 100% be Semester 2 now xD


A mystery for the ages.


Hey! So, um, I’m new to both here and text-based adventure games in general, so… How do I reply to people? When I say “speak to” again it just triggers the first thing.
Could somebody put together a list of commands for me, please?


I can’t figure out how to do anything in this game. I can’t seem to do any of the things that anyone is talking about. I don’t know how to do anything with anybody. It seems like nothing I try to do or click on works. I seriously can’t even figure out how to put the jumper away. I’ve been here for hours, just staring at the oversized jumper and my closet. Please send help.


[spoiler]do the command “use jumper on wardrobe”[/spoiler]


So what’s next? Summer vacation? Semester Three?

I can’t wait, I love this thing so much!


Summer vacation would be cool, I had wanted to make my own game like this based on a single summer. I had so many cool ideas for wg elements.


What are the triggers for Christmas break. I only have seemed to get 1 of them. Excellent game through out though


Sorry for the slight bump, but like many others in this thread, I’m completely stumped on what to do with the snacks and notebooks, and Laura. If anybody knows, would they mind sending a PM my way?


Still trying to figure out the triggers for Christmas break. Anyone know what they are :’(


To start Christmas break? or to end Christmas break?


For during Christmas break. I thought there was 2 text events that make Kate gain 5 pounds each. I only found the one involving the jumper outfit. Any hints for what the other one is?


[spoiler]5 pounds is automatic; Kate will gain at least 5 pounds during Christmas no matter what you do. The additional 5 pounds, you need to be wearing the jumper, so she can have seconds at Christmas dinner without embarrassment. So there’s really only one event to make her gain weight that wouldn’t happen anyway.

Other optional action during Christmas is to take the gym membership brochure out of Teresa’s room, which presumably will cause Teresa to gain some weight at some point since she’ll forget about joining a gym. That doesn’t have any effect on Kate’s weight though.[/spoiler]


How do you romance Isabella. I have 1 with class selection but idk the other :-\


[spoiler]As near as I can tell, the two prerequisites for romancing Isabella:

Say hi to her in her room as soon as she shows up, eat the churros she offers.

Take the Spanish class module, ask her about it after you do (and before Semester 1 ends). This will also cause her to gain a little extra weight.

Do both of those things, and should be an option to romance her in the second semester.[/spoiler]


How do i get the debit card?


It’s in the pocket of one of the items in your wardrobe in your bedroom, try poking around in there a bit


When do you think semester 3 will come out? Great game!



We only have two semesters in Britain xD

Year 2 however is making slow progress.

(Casual reminder that the next stage is the Year 2 of Uni and the final one will be Year 3)


[quote=“JellyIdol, post:99, topic:1019”]Never.

We only have two semesters in Britain xD

Year 2 however is making slow progress.

(Casual reminder that the next stage is the Year 2 of Uni and the final one will be Year 3)[/quote]
America is the same way unless you go to places like Drexel that has Trimesters or UPenn that has quarters