Kobold Village



After getting stuck in a magic trap, your only hope of escape is… nonverbal kobolds? Fortunately, Dragazon delivers. Place items from the shop and watch the kobolds do their thing!
(I didn’t finish all the sound effects, but it’s in.)


  • Left-click to use menus, place items, and view information on items and kobolds.
  • Right-click to cancel placement of an a kobold to make the camera follow them.
  • Move the mouse to the edge or use WASD/arrow keys to move the camera.
  • Press Q to randomize the player character’s colors.

Known Issues in the Old Version:

  • Sometimes kobolds will get stuck moving to/interacting with objects (farms most often). They will return to normal after a while, but their needs will still decay.
  • Kobolds can get stuck in tight spaces between objects when many of them are trying to pass through. Remember to leave enough space for kobolds to navigate (unless you want to see them belly bumping.)
  • Sometimes houses will not “unbuild” themselves when their owner leaves.


  • Start off by buying a shipping tube, house, and boombox. Your first kobold can get food from the berry bush.
  • Place objects near each other to reduce travel time (but not too close that kobolds get stuck).
  • Don’t build too many boomboxes; lots of kobolds can use the same one. Don’t build the coolers, they ended up being kind of useless.
  • Don’t use the bell early on. Feeding you will distract kobolds from their needs, and they will feed you if your fullness is low anyways.


Patch 2
  • Fixed the magic circle breaking at 2100 lbs instead of 2000.
  • Made adjustments so the shop opening/closing looks smoother at differing framerates.
  • Made adjustments so the camera motion is smoother at differing framerates when right-clicking kobolds.
  • Changed various behaviours to work independently of framerate.
  • Adjusted how distance affects priority for kobolds.
  • Slightly reduced how much being poor affects priority for the shipping tube.
  • Fixed an issue that made kobolds dance at the boombox forever.
  • Made kobolds always skip their idle phase if they’re holding something. They didn’t do the searching animation anyways!
  • FIXED KOBOLDS GETTING STUCK ON FARMS (they can still work at empty farms; this makes the crops grow faster, and they will leave after one grows.)
  • Fixed an issue with zoom levels that made scrolling slower when starting the game until you changed the zoom level.
Patch 1
  • Increased priority for unbuilt objects, especially houses (with an extra bonus if kobolds’ needs are high). They’re eager to meet new neighbors!
  • Kobold hunger and fun decay 25% slower.
  • Kobolds now gain fun from feeding you. Maybe they think you’ll make a good trampoline?
  • Added another check to unbuild homes of kobolds that leave. No more empty homes in our neighborhood… maybe.
  • Boomboxes get decreased priority if a kobold’s fun is full. Stop dancing, freeloaders.
  • Made it harder for kobolds to leave (they need -25 happiness now before they are guaranteed to leave).
  • Slightly decreased how distance from an object affects kobolds’ priorities.
  • Fixed kobolds’ weight not actually increasing movement speed. Gotta go fa(s)t.
  • Added fixes to reduce how often kobolds block each others’ paths.
  • Decreased movement timeout, so kobolds that get stuck should return to normal sooner. This also makes them sometimes change their destination while moving.
  • Kobolds’ needs will no longer decay when they are standing and looking around.
  • Added a chance for kobolds to skip the looking around animation.
  • Added fixes to hopefully reduce how often kobolds get stuck with buildable objects.

is there a trick to getting started? my kobolds keep waiting around after doing tasks and their meters just tank faster than they do things…
I love the idea but it’s very hard to get going

It’s a really slow start, but once you get more kobolds it starts to pick up.
To start out, get them the essentials (a boombox and a house for your first kobold,) and they should take care of themselves. If your money is low they’ll start to prioritize earning more if you have the shipping tube, and then you can begin placing houses to get more kobolds. Once you have more kobolds you can start building farms to keep them fed.
There’s some issues with certain tasks where the kobolds can get stuck (farms in particular), but they’ll go back to normal after a while. Their needs will decay, but usually not enough to make them leave if their happiness was full beforehand.
Fatter kobolds also move and do tasks faster, so they’ll naturally get more efficient over time.

I really do like the concept of the game, but the issues with the Kobold’s getting stuck on jobs kills all my runs, while they don’t get stuck on them for too long, it begins to build up; especially our characters weight loss ):

Oh and they seem to take more than one berry from the bush when they take them, but only use the equivalent of one

Idk if you’ll be working on this post Jam, but i’d love it alot if you could fix the bugs <3.

I can never get more then one kobold, I always get a game over. I really like the presentation though :slight_smile:

This is a great concept, but it’s WAY too slow. The kobold spends 10 seconds looking around cluelessly before doing anything, which 90% of the time is going to the boombox or the berry bush because its needs tick down faster than anything else in this game moves. If the kobolds’ needs took twice as long to deplete, and everything else took half as long to get done, I’d love this kind of game.

Also, I’d really like to be able to zoom out more. It’s feels really weird to be jammed up so close to the ground.

Edit: Now the kobold refuses to build a house for a second kobold because it keeps getting stuck in a loop of filling one need, standing still for 15 seconds, going to fill another need, standing still for 15 seconds, and now the first need is low enough to make it go back to fill that one. Building stuff needs to be prioritized above EVERYTHING or the game gets basically softlocked.

The game looks pretty amazing; i love the little animations, the kobolds are cute, and the weight system is very nice. It’s a fun game, I just wish it was working correctly. As it stands i can’t get very far at all before the kobold gets stuck and all his needs drain beyond repair. Some tweaks to the AI and a reduced needs tick rate as other players have suggested would be wonderful. I really hope you keep working on this after the jam because it’s really close to being a spectacular game.

It seems like the kobold tends to rip every single berry off the bush at once, but only ends up with one to actually act on.
Edit: And then they get stuck fruitlessly punching the bush until a new berry spawns.

This was a fun little game and I got my dragon guy so fat I could hide a box behind him, even his legs under that vast belly.

I really love that I also won the game by having him gain too much weight making him unable to get up on his own!!! I was curious if that was a feature so I kept going until it happened!

Nicely done!


New patch is here! And the kobolds are ZOOMING. Details are in the main post (and the old version from before the deadline will still be there).

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i… don’t think the patch actually did anything. something about that delivery tube just BREAKS their lil kobold minds

Definitely a nice improvement, they don’t get stuck at the speaker or house anymore, but that delivery tube really is just messing with the Kobolds.

The berry bush also still has issues where the kobolds take all ,or most of, the berries and, usually, but not always wait for another berry to grow before they either eat or head off.

Edit: So after doing a couple of playthroughs, one of my kobolds both runs got stuck at the delivery tube too long and ran out of needs, the other ended up getting stuck a the farm long enough for the entire field to grow.

The kobolds are constantly getting stuck on the farms, even well into negative happiness. They also never seem to store food, and only one of them has ever eaten enough to get fatter.

Also, something that would be really helpful would be the ability to remove stuff that you put down, because sometimes it ends up getting in the way and slowing the kobolds down.

bug i noticed: sometimes kobolds will enter a loop of waiting by their house when they are done resting and then entering it when their energy gets to 99/100. possible fix is to make it that kobolds wont rest unless their energy is below 50

Easily the greatest unity wg game

Small issues with the AI need to be addressed, but aside from that this is a very solid game.

Here’s the ones I’ve noticed the most: Kobolds will strip all of the berries off the bush and then wait for a new one to grow before they do anything.

Kobolds will sell (what I assume to be) gold and then stand around “working” on the pipe until they get hungry.


i do enjoy the game, however i couldnt even gain weight at all due to kobold idle too much. always starve to death.
is bell actually useable? 90% of time it doesnt do anything when i click bell. i use mac, if that help

If the bell could be used to reset the kobolds instead of just havint them queue up to feed you maybe that could be useful to get them to snap put of being stuck. Just something to nudge them out of their stuck animations


I had to spend a lot of time and ring that bell a ton but i managed to see an alternative way to beat the game and see the maximum size your cute dragon can reach. That detail was amazing and i hope you keep improving on this one. If possible in the future to have a save, i think it could help to avoid long sessions and could maybe help you work into a bigger thing that you could do with this game. Really want to see bigger and better.


Another new patch. I didn’t see any bugs while testing this time, so hopefully they’re all fixed. The kobolds were working much more efficiently this time!