KOTOR2 Fat Mod

A KOTOR2 mod that fattens up most of the female cast. Includes: All Female player heads and all the body models for the armor, Mira, Handmaiden, Visas, the Twilek Dancers and Assassins, and Atris. Due to how the game reuses assets, the player clothing model is also the one for the common NPC, and certain NPCs use the player head models that you don’t choose for your character, so some random NPCs will also be fat. KOTOR1 version: KOTOR Fat Mod

Just like the last one, To install simply find the folder with the .exe for the game, for example: “Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor2” or “GOG Games\Star Wars - KotOR2” etc. And copy the .mdl and mdx files in the mod into the “Override” folder. I recommend making a copy of the Override folder if you have other mods installed first incase you want to remove this mod. The files are separated by character, or you can just copy the contents of the “EVERYTHING” folder and get all of them. The Texture mod used in the video can be found here: Player & Party Underwear - Skins - Deadly Stream It’s not needed, but recommended because the default underwear texture terrible. I also recommend using the invisible headgear mod: Invisible Headgear - Mods - Deadly Stream Enjoy! Dropbox - KOTOR2FAT_REUP.7z - Simplify your life

It is possible to install another mod which allows you to have both Handmaiden and Disciple here: PartySwap - Mods - Deadly Stream But it requires the restored content mod: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM) for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - Mod DB and it might cause some problems towards the end of the game, so save often if you use it!

Preview video: KOTOR2 Fat Mod Preview - YouTube


Oooh, what a treat this is. Will need to see how this looks with the Sith battle suit. That one always did highlight the butt rather well. Ah, but I digress. This will be fun to play around with either way.

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Looks pretty great! Can’t wait to see what the dancer costume looks like now lol. Although this is a VERY minor thing but is Mira’s new body paler than her head? It might just be the in gaming lighting.

But yeah overall this is some great work! Thank you :grin:


Also regarding the underwear texture mod, are all the different underwears modified or is it just the one shown in the video?

Thanks! Mira’s body is pale because she was dark aligned, I legit don’t remember if her head isn’t pale enough because of a texture mod I installed ages ago, or that’s just how the default textures are. Either way, this mod only replaces the models, so it won’t cause any texture problems.

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Handmaiden has her own underwear model, but Mira and Visas use the same underwear model as the player. The texture mod included has the option to patch the games files to make them each use a new model, but at that point things get very complicated, so I just went with the vanilla set up and used the texture replacement for my game. In other words they’ll still have the same model as the player still, but with unique textures.

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Alrighty thanks for the heads up on both my questions :smiley:

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Hmm. I don’t seem to be able to get the mod to use the two-piece texture that you’ve got working from the underwear textures mod. It still uses the standard potato sack texture despite the texture maps from the mod being in the override folder.

Just got up to Telos and everything seemed to be working fine but…

It seems as though something has gone very wrong with the Twileks! :sweat_smile:

Not sure if this is something to do with my version - I only have the recommended mods above.

Never seen that before, lol. There was a bug fix patch for this game that updated it to version 1.0b, I’m using the GOG version which came with it, so I don’t know where a safe place to download it is. I’m also running on Windows10, with the restored content mod v1.8.5. If that’s not the issue I’m not sure what else it could be.

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No idea what could be causing that, the only time that would happen is if the names got messed up. The textures should be named pfbama01, pfbamb01, pfbamc01, and pfbamd01. The one I’m using in the screenshots is the “Two piece with briefs” just fyi.

I managed to sort the issue - it’s the Steam Workshop version of the restored content mod that caused it!

(also just wanted to say great work on the mod - always looking for another reason to play Kotor2 and this is a great reason for another playthrough!)


Thanks! Glad it was a simple fix.


So, after a little bit of troubleshooting I seemed to have found the solution (and I have no idea how this works).

Removing the Twilek_f npc files from the override folder seems to keep them fat while removing the odd texture vomit.

Like I said - no idea why this works but so far everything seems to be working together with the Steam workshop restored content mod!

That makes zero sense, but I’m glad something worked. I kind of expected some weird problems to occur, this game is notoriously unstable. It was made in only 14 months, the fact that it runs as well as it does is a miracle. Hope nothing else goes wrong for you.


would you be able to do one for jade empire? been wanting to really play through that again, and thinking that a mod like this might make it a bit more interesting

up to you tho

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I’ve never played that game, but it would be a good excuse to try it. Whether I actually do it or not, depends entirely on what mod tools are available, and if I can import and export the models with Blender. I’m working on something else right now, but if it’s possible this is a good suggestion for the future.

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just so you know, there ARE a number of model and texture mods for JE, as seen in Jade Empire Nexus - Mods and community ,i don’t know the exact process for extracting and editing models they used, but it shows that it’s still possible

Sorry for necropost

I played with this mod last year and I’m thinking about doing it sometime again, but there were some outfits it didn’t work on, including robes I really wanted to use. I don’t remember the names of them.

I’m sorry I’m not much of help and asking for work on a three year old project, but I would really like it