Legend of Pizza; the live blog

Hello, I’m PeachClamNine. You may know me from “Valentime at Shibo Mansion!” and “Queen Goblin Rules the Feast.” What you may not know is for the past few years I’ve been working on a character focused dungeon crawler RPG.

I’ve mostly been working behind the scene, except for the feedback I’ve been getting from the “Stuffing rpg bugtesting” Discord channel. I’ve reached a milestone of the engine being more or less done, so I’ve decided to live blog the remaining development to organize my thoughts and to let y’all know what’s been going on. (If I keep the motivation to keep this updated that is…)

So! What even is Legend of Pizza?

Legend of Pizza is a retro-styled (think Game Boy Color) RPG that’s all about recruiting characters, gearing them up, and completing pizza deliveries through weird locations set in the not-too-distant past. Along the way you’ll serve your friends tasty snacks and beverages to keep their Energy up. Until they get too fat to move and then you’ll have to find new friends and do it all over again…

Confirmed kinks; belly stuffing, slow weight gain, (cartoon) popping, burps.

That should cover the basics for now! I’ll go into detail on the specific systems, characters, interesting code implementations, and map design as I work on them.


To try and get this live blog caught up to where I am, here’s the last thing I worked on–

In Legend of Pizza, characters do not level up in the manner typical of other RPGs. Instead, once a character has consumed enough Calories, they’ll grow in size to the next Fat level. Growing in size currently only provides one benefit; more space to equip gear!

Gear is split into two types; Stickers and Charms. Stickers grant a character additional techniques to use in battle. Charms provide resistances or increase stats. Use them to improve a character’s strengths or cover their weaknesses.

currently the maximum is 4 Stickers and 2 Charms. I want to change this to 4 and 3, but I’ll have to modify the UI to make more room.


This seems very good!! Love the concept that you bring too, I’m hyped!

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This seems rather interesting.

Also, the way of recruiting random people to help with your tasks reminds me of “Citizens of Earth”, which was a fun goof ball RPG with it’s own method of powering up characters besides leveling.

It still had leveling, but you also needed to do certain little quests to help unlock their new skills.

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I’m really looking forward to this.

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Working on digestion mechanics.

the idea is a loop of: battle techniques cost Energy → eat food to restore Energy → food fills up Tumy → digest what’s in Tumy to gain XP.

Balancing these numbers has been challenging, but I’ve just thought of a way through potentially; typically your resources are restored after a battle, but I may instead make Tumy resource stay spent for a whole dungeon. This may mean you only level up after a dungeon.

testing to commence today; I’ll tell you what I discover.

I can now image a scenario where a player do not play optimally and reaches the dungeon boss without enough EN restoring resources to finish the fight. And playing better means eating less food and therefore less bellykink content. And that ain’t good!

Though maybe the solution here is “Just balance the game, fivehead!”


This sounds super cool and fun, a pizza delivery rpg is something I didn’t know I needed in life.

(cartoon) popping

I was already interested but now I’m invested

I Hope thing are going well for you on your project. :+1:

I’ve been recovering from burnout so not much progress lately. I actually cut a lot of animation features (no fancy attack animations for us), but decided to add one that was more on topic.