Leotard Leslie in the Land of the Luscious Lard Ladies v2

Hi! I haven’t posted in a long time, so hope it’s okay to announce a game here that I just completed… I wrote a text game a while back called Leotard Leslie in the Land of the Luscious Lard Ladies and I just updated it. The new version includes a few changes such as:

  • updated to more streamlined Inform 7 engine
  • most puzzles removed to make it easier to get to the good stuff
  • More descriptions! More interactions! More stuffing and fat-related content!
  • All new art by Urgurgurg!

Leslie Loveless is finally tired of being the world’s most luckless lover of large lasses! That’s why she bought a fancy new leotard, read the foremost book on seduction by the world’s foremost expert on seduction, and ambled down to the local gym to find herself a supple, zaftig lady to fill her bed. Rumors abound that gym owner Tanya Thunderthighs is a woman after her own heart: a large woman of impressive proportions and extreme appetites – both in the bedroom and the kitchen. Now if she could just find a way to trick…er, meet her, maybe she could sweet talk her way to some under-the-covers action. A woman can dream, after all… But first things first, Leslie is going to have to find her.

Leotard Leslie in the Land of the Luscious Lard Ladies is an 18 and over weight game text game written in Inform 7 with adult situations for adults, which includes sexual situations with 5 spherical sweeties to stuff and seduce!

Writing by Mollycoddles (Molly Coddles is creating BBW Weight Gain Literature | Patreon), art by Urgurgurg (https://linktr.ee/UrgUrgUrg), music by Morbiose (Morbiose User Profile | DeviantArt)!

You can get the game at Leotard Leslie in the Land of the Luscious Lard Ladies by Mollycoddles or Restricted


I don’t know why but I cracked myself up trying this even though it didn’t work

I had a really fun time with the game. The art and music are great additions to the story.

I need a little bit of help. I can’t seem to be able to fix the machine, or find meat pie for Fanny. Any hints?

Use the pool noodle to fix the machine!

I’ve played the game, but what is the use of the key, also is there a meat pie for Fanny in the game as well?


Loved the game! I think I may have missed some secrets, because I had an item with me at the end of the game that I never used, but I still enjoyed it.

So when I try to download the Gluxe Interpreter my anti-virus blocks it, it is safe right?

How do you use commands like using items and such?

If you have the key, you’ll be able to get into the inner office. There aren’t any meat pies for Fanny, sorry that’s a bit confusing! Her story ended up being about the liposuction machine.

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Thanks! If you’re referring to the Seduction for Idiots book, that’s just color. There’s really nothing you can do with it. XP

I’ve never had issues with it, but if you’re worried you can try playing the online version instead at Restricted

The commands you’ll need in the game are:


I ended up getting stuck with the tacos.

I get an error when I try to play the online version

If Carmen is in the lockerroom, you can give her the tacos.

I have problema that is this one (An error occurred:
Parchment could not load the story. Check your connection, and that the URL is correct.)
I am making something wrong our is from searcher that i am using Microsoff Edge and i have try on the Google chrome give the same problem :thinking:

That’s the same error I’ve been getting

How do I help Carmen with her “bench problem” ?

also, is there a way to interact with the babe in the pool?

Seduce carmen.

Wear the swimsuit from the locker and you’ll be able to go into the pool.

can’t seem to get the locker open for some reason… does someone else have to open it for me or am I being dumb (which is probally the case)?