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I love seeing stuff like this. Leupai seemed to have a really weird habit of removing content from certain versions for (as far as i know) completely inexplicable reasons, so it’s always refreshing to find out there’s more cut content to mess around with.

I think that something that should definitely be done at some point is the creation of a “definitive” version of Boundless. Ideally, it would compile all the best aspects and images of every single version of the game, and the changes done by 4CE, and it would provide as much content as possible. In all honesty, I’d do it myself if it weren’t for the fact that the game’s code is fairly ancient. Running it in modern versions of Twine is pretty much impossible, and older versions are pretty agonizing to use. If someone had experience using the older UI, though, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too terribly difficult to compile all of the removed features into one version.

Also, please don’t do this, lol. It’s a miracle that UnknownCleric even saw that you updated your post, so I’d recommend just posting a new reply each time you make any new developments. As is, it’s pretty much impossible to know when a post has been edited on this site, so creating a new reply would be preferable.

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Sorry for that, lol. I’m not sure how many more things I could eventually find out about or mess around with the HTML files for, so in lieu of not making what could, down the line, be a bajillion posts about one or two minor things I thought making edits would be the safest bet. Since it looks like you guys don’t mind I suppose I’ll loosen up a bit (within reason, of course).

First off, a little addendum to my last post: there’s a player image which I presume was supposed to be shown for bovitype adephagians, but in-game that doesn’t seem to be the case, even though the code looks fine at first glance. There’s another one you can add to the “unused” pile, I suppose. I’ll include it later in the post; maybe I could try fixing it, but no promises.

There’s one case in particular that left me pretty perplexed; the earliest builds of the game are dated from June - December 2015, and those include encounter images that have later been removed in builds from 2016. However, there’s the particular case of a build that is (according to the HTML) from 2017, that not only brings back the encounter images, it’s also missing a lot of content that’s been added in builds from 2016. I suppose it was modified by accident when Leupai was putting up the versions for archival in their Tumblr, but it’s still a bit weird.

That said, there might have been an actual legitimate reason to remove most of the images - the newer builds, although more mechanically complex, are much lighter in file size, presumably because the images are gone. There must’ve been other reasons as to why they’re missing but the smaller files could have played a part in that decision.

Now that you mention it, I suppose I could try using older Twine versions to see if modifying the game becomes easier. I barely know any coding myself but it’s at least worth a shot, right?

Here you go:

player heleneplayer daedlanplayer bovitype player iicarn
(in order: helene, daedlan, bovitype, iicarn)

And now for the blimp-bellied mythosi (unlike the celestial mythosi and their myriad palette swaps there’s just this one image):

blimp-bellied mythosi

EDIT: Yeah, I knew I said I wouldn’t do this again, but it’s only been a half hour, I’m sure it’s fine. I went ahead and downloaded an old version of Twine - it can modify the HTML just fine, although the sheer amount of passages makes the program run at less than 1 FPS on my potato laptop.

And as a bonus I went ahead and fixed the PlayerImg passage so the bovitype player image would show correctly if you’re a bovitype adephagian, and as far as I know the Console is kinda broken in the 4CE version (the presets don’t seem to work) so this might be a first time ever thing.


Kinda cool, right? Here’s the file, as always - I should probably figure out a version to stick to when making changes in the future and perhaps put them all somewhere I can easily replace files if needed so that I don’t end up having to upload a thousand different files, but I can look into that later.

Also, this might just be me being overzealous, but I’m wondering if I should be doing all of this. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Leupai and it’s unlikely they would rise from their grave just because of what I’m doing, but at the same time I’m still technically messing around with the game’s code and putting it out on the internet, and I obviously haven’t received permission. I’m thinking about where I should set my limits or if I should stop out of respect; could use getting a second opinion(s) on this.


I wish I can still create Leupai characters… I guess I’ll have to settle for some other open free species or just a generic striped skunk.

I have been mostly looking at the thread since i have some memories of playing the different versions and i remember playing some of the games made with leupai, if i remember it was Boundless, the Elf Game and some Leupai creator that had more options and lore compared to the starting creator in Boudless but didnt have much gameplay after. Are there more games done by the creator in the past or it was mostly these 3?

Also regarding the Leupai nowadays, i can understand the creator wanting to avoid others from making content they might not enjoy with them but shouldnt others be able to make their leupai if they wanted, feels a bit corporate holding it hostage from others. Specially if they can be so different from each other that i wouldnt recognize the OCs posted here as Leupai right away without being mentioned.

As long as you’re not monetizing anything or adding in content that Leupai has specifically stated shouldn’t be put in the game, I don’t really see any reasonable argument for why not. Like, maybe there’s some kind of “copyright violation”, but considering people mod actual big games run by companies with teams of lawyers and are still left alone 99.9% of the time, I doubt modding a dead decade-old Twine game will be landing you in much hot water.

Absolute worst case scenario, Leupai somehow manifests and tells you stop, and that would be the extent of it. And, to be honest, that would be completely worth it just to see them make an appearance here.

Morally, I think it’s totally fine as well. If people are excited about a game, enough so that they would take time to work on it completely for free, then they should be able to. At that point, the creator telling them to stop would be extremely spiteful. So, I say that if you really want to work on Boundless then you shouldn’t let the fear of some non-existent boogieman stop you.

(Also I’ve used the old Twine UI and experienced similar “1 fps” issues. Forcing a person to use it would probably classify as some kind of cruel and unusual punishment.)



But yeah, I highly doubt anything bad would come of this. It’s content that’s technically present in the code already, you’re just letting the average person have access to it instead of those willing to deal with seconds-per-frame instead of frames per second : p


Hm, fair enough. To be honest, I’m not sure what I could add to the game, if anything, as it’ll just end up out of place, so on that front I think I’m fine. At the moment I’m kind of directionless, as all of the things I’ve considered doing seem like they’d be a lot of work (namely, bringing encounter images back to some of the newer versions), and the 4CE mod sounds like it would be pretty difficult to modify without breaking everything (apparently Venture Guy used a lot of custom code to make it work), but now that I have an actual tool other than Notepad for once this might be different. I guess I’ll keep trying and come back here if something sticks.

Technically there’s also The Spiteful Fatty. It’s evidently super unfinished but it’s a cool novelty nonetheless.


Welp, time to spend my entire night binging this instead of finishing the art trade I was supposed to do! /lh
I’ll post anything interesting that I end up finding.

Yeah this was the one that explains a bit more of the World lore and i enjoyed a ton, at the time i think i didnt try that much the other options but now replaying it, i see there are some different outcomes and even different characters to meet before heading out. Combining this with the Boundless gameplay would have been great but i can imagine it was a ton of work to get the both combined.

So, on a slightly different note - I’m trying to perhaps get something done involving our favorite blubbery, morally dubious elf/lizard/creature :3
Sadly the artists I’m getting the artwork from seem to be… not as punctual as I am when it comes to art trades, it seems. ~w~ It’s not without reason, I know how burnout can get, but man, being the first to finish ends up being way more stressful for me than being the last to finish…

I hadn’t heard of Spiteful Fatty before this, and it’s definitely really fun for what’s there. It’s a shame that there’s so little actual content. Also, while looking into it, I saw someone had mentioned a game called “Miragin X” on a thread. I couldn’t find anything else about it, so does anyone know what this is? Finding another piece of Leupai lost media would be awesome if someone has some kind of access to it/knows what Miragin X is.

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so i did a little searching on internet archive and Miragin X is a thing!

unfortunately it hadn’t been archived in the same place as Spiteful Fatty had been, and a redirect link in another post I found didn’t work:

also it looks like they were using the boundless system to create a warcraft (?) based game but I don’t know if that ever got released


Man, digging through Leupai’s stuff on the Internet Archive can be depressing at times. So much stuff in there that’s probably lost to time because you needed to go through a link no one archived to access the content, and even a good amount of images seem to be completely missing as well.

Still, I’d like to thank you for reminding me to dig a little deeper. I’ve found an array of cool stuff; there’s assorted concept art, WIPs of a Boundless build newer than Experimental that doesn’t seem to have ever been shared, there’s a collection of music tracks,, even a merch store of sorts that still seems to be around somehow.

Also, while I’m here, might as well link to Engine Nineteen. I’m actually kind of surprised there were people here who haven’t played Spiteful Fatty yet so this might also be a new one for some of you. I’ve played it back when Leupai was still around on Twitter and I think this might be the last project they’ve worked on, and it’s certainly pretty interesting, albeit very broken.


I’ve kinda been off and on searching for anything related to Leupai stuff. This Google Document has a bunch of Webarchive links that lead to stuff I’ve found.

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This is my Tumblr account with anything I’ve found that is still accessible on Tumblr.

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Awesome! Thanks for the links, helps out a lot! uwu

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No problem, I’m also working on finding any images I can from these links as well as trying my hand at updating LeupaiRealization. I’ll release those in due time, I’m sure.

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Oh hey, I actually gave that a try for a moment. I didn’t have the motivation to continue, like, at all, but still, glad to see someone else is giving it a try!

So… Update on this:

One of the artists did actually complete their work, but I still wanna keep it private for now. You’ll see why once it’s complete, but let’s just say I’m trying to go above and beyond for this one. ;3

Also, I’m trying to get a third artist to draw them. I’m very proficient at art trades, what can I say? : p

Well… I was gonna go above and beyond with this one, but honestly, fuck it, I think it’s fine enough as is. So here’s what I’ve been working on…

A Minecraft player model of Nefirian, made using the Custom Player Models mod!

Massive shoutouts to SmooplePooples, owner of the FatCraft discord server, for lending their experience to this project - if I had modeled the hair myself, I would have gone insane trying it. xwx

The model’s ears and eyes are animated - the ears will twitch every so often, and the eyes blink after a few seconds. I also modeled the armor, which I think looks pretty good!

I originally wanted to create animations for walking, running, etc., but I got tired of it, so eh, hope this is fine enough.

Download the model with this link! I’ll try to post any other versions that may come down here as well ^^

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