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Aiua! Welcome to UnknownCleric’s General Leupai/Boundless Thread. Here, I wish to document everything I know about the world of the Boundless Dream - and I invite others to do the same. I’ve been desperate to find someone, ANYONE, who knows anything about this game, and I would love to finally be able to talk about this.

The first rule is simple: NO HORNY.
Leupai themselves are a sex-repulsed asexual, and one of the major reasons they left the internet was because a person attempted to sexualize their work. Out of respect for them, please do NOT mention sexual organs or acts on this post, nor any fetishes that are not already present within Boundless.

TRIPLE UPDATED Second rule - You are free to make leupai OCs as long as you do not create sexual content involving them, credit Leupai for the idea and setting. Also, please tell me about it, I wanna see/hear about them!
I promise this is the last time I’ll update this rule. :,) For real though - we have explicit confirmation that creating leupai characters is allowed!

If you guys do make some leups, feel free to tell me about them! I’d love to see what you guys come up with. ^^
You can find information on the leupai subtypes here - the ones that have been crossed out no longer exist, as they were created by an abusive ex rather than Leupai themselves. You can get the same traits on a Belmere anyways.

Rule 3 - Please don’t try and harass mirapheonix, and especially don’t use them as a way to talk to Leupai.
They’ve stated that they will not pass messages along to Leupai, and that they will not release information unless Leupai allows them to. Please respect their wishes. If you wanna show support for them, you can do it publicly - mirapheonix has read through the thread before and they’re genuinely touched that we still care.

That being said - what will we be talking about here? Simple: Literally anything related to Leupai’s works. Talk about your adventures in Boundless, about Elflands, about what Valenth was like before it shut down, talk about what Revix culture is like, the biology of a leupai/leupak, the Administre, anything goes! Just follow the rules above.

Pleasant dreams to you all!


We have channels for lore discussion, artwork, and roleplay! ^^


Oh hey, welcome back! I kept seeing you in comment sections on Youtube and was wondering if you’d return eventually.

Not sure how much I’ll contribute to this thread considering I quite literally found out about Valenth just two days ago by spending way too much time on TV Tropes but I still do play Boundless from time to time and I’m somehow still discovering new things. It’s wild.

Glad to hear it! Yeah, I never really got around to it until now because I’m lazy lmao. That, and I recently had a bit of an emotional breakdown last night over possibly never seeing anyone else post about Leupai’s works again, but then I went back to here and saw that like 75% of “what game is this” posts were Boundless x3 So hey, worth a shot.

So, because I’d like to get the ball rolling - I managed to find some old information regarding Leupai biology and culture.
It’s a long read, and I’m sure some of it is outdated (I.E. they used to be an open species), but from what I can tell, this is a great source of information about the species! :o

PLUS an Archive.org link dating back to 2015!
ARS ▼ MUTO, reveculture: Here’s the updated leupai info,...


All I remember is the dev leaving or quitting or whatever, and some 4chan guys came along and improved the game with the 4CE version, making the game way better and less janky, but then when they started adding sex mechanics to the game, the dev came out of hiding, got super-supremely-giga-ultramad and went after them (or sad, I don’t remember) to the point where the 4CE guys backed off and had to shut it down, thus all those improvements were lost to the wind.
Kinda annoying they were so upset about sex in a game (that they abandoned) where the whole point is slapping together a bazillion fetishes, and getting upset enough to shut the whole thing down instead of just removing the sex, but eh, whatever, ancient history now.

I never liked base Boundless, it’s one of those games where you spend 99% of the time begging RNGesus for mercy and you have so little control over anything that you’re just along for the ride and hoping something you like comes along.
The 4CE version wasn’t nearly as bad in that regard, I definitely remember playing it 100x more than the original.

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Like I said, they’re sex-repulsed. It’s surprisingly common for asexuals to still be into fetishes like weight gain but still be turned off by explicit sex or genitals, I’ve seen it several times before. And besides - “no sex” was the singular rule that Leupai had set in place for continuing their work. If somebody is going to not only break your only rule, but also completely disregard your sexuality as well as your emotional attachment to your worldbuilding project, of course you’d be pissed.

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From what I can tell (going off of this post) Venture Guy abandoned the project because he didn’t feel like keeping 4CE going without including sexual content somewhere in there but also didn’t want to just keep doing it anyway and rub it on Leupai’s face, which I felt was completely understandable.

Since the Tumblr post he linked to doesn’t exist anymore and it hasn’t been archived, I can’t quite tell if Leupai directly ordered the project to be discontinued or if Venture Guy did it out of his own volition, but whatever the case may be it looks like it was a honest mistake on his part and he didn’t do it out of malice or anything of the sort. In fact, it looks like he put a lot of thought on how to handle gender and sexuality in the game, so he definitely cared.

That said, I find it weird people are still miffed about all of this. It’s been 5 years and it seems both the developer and Leupai are gone from the internet, so why bother? The truth of the matter is, no matter how stupid we may think the whole situation is or was, Boundless is Leupai’s project and whatever happens (or doesn’t) to it is completely up to them, and we can’t and shouldn’t change that.

Besides, Boundless (both the last version of 4CE and the older versions from when Leupai still had a hand on it, and there’s one with a cheat console available) are still around for everyone to enjoy, and there seems to be plenty of data on both the setting and the Leupais themselves floating around on the internet, so I think it’s kind of a moot point anyway. You’re still pretty capable of enjoying what the universe has to offer in this day and age if you’re willing to put a bit of effort into it. And as for the game, Twine is still around, and I’ve seen some pretty impressive Twine games made recently, so it’s not like someone couldn’t try their hands at something similar (or perhaps better). It’s mostly a matter of putting your focus to the right tasks.


Ahh. I’d never actually seen those posts yet. I didn’t actually know about that. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

In other news, I’ve managed to get into contact with another person who used to frequent Valenth, the old monster collection game/site that Leupai made. I’m currently asking them about some things, though for now I’ll leave them anonymous.

So, before I go on to talk about some more info I found out from talking to the person I mentioned…

I recently recreated the Leupai alphabet as a font! I also actually had to make a few symbols from scratch, since for some reason they weren’t present in the original font despite some of them being fairly important symbols, IMO.

^ up arrow
’ apostrophe
" quotes
, comma and
_ underscore, respectively.

Here’s the Google Drive link for those interested in downloading the font! Keep in mind that there’s no kerning on it, so the letters may have weird spacings. I was too lazy and tired to fix that lol


That’s unfortunate. I wish I knew this was happening, I would have tried to create a character of the Leupai species.

So, before I inevitably forget to post this, here is what I’ve learned so far when talking with a person by the name of VCR-WOLFE (as well as a few of my own findings).

  • The game Valenth had events for Valentines’ Day, Halloween, and Christmas. These events coincided with in-universe holidays (though they’ve forgotten the in-universe names)
  • Supposedly these events involved a ball/gala of some kind?
  • The “Administre” (leupai gods) had some “secret society” themes surrounding them
  • Nefirian Dreamscar (also known as Nefirian Bele-Miriet Revecroir, the Lord-Doctor, the Dreamwaker, the CEO of the Hypothesis Conglomerate, and the Leupak Queen (note 1)) was a morally grey, chaotic-neutral character. “Whimsically dark,” as VCR put it.
  • Nefirian created the leupak species, but not entirely intentionally. It’s unclear what they were trying to accomplish - this was left intentionally vague to add a sense of mystery. The leupak species were the genetic ancestors of the leupai.
  • The term “helene” supposedly refers to those who live in the main plane of existence that Valenth takes place in. The term “daedlan” refers to the inhabitants of another plane. This was… most likely either misremembered or later retconned by the time Boundless came about, because an old FA post shows the word “daedlan” being referred to as a specific species of human-leupai hybrid. (on the bright side, I’m no longer mistakenly referring to Lauren as a helene! :smiling_face_with_tear:)
  • The two main branches of leupai life are belmere (dream-based) and styxi (demonic).
  • According to a text string in Boundless’s code:

“Leupai “blood” is blue, and more akin to a thick jelly that makes up the majority of their bodies (with the rest being either dense, hard crystal-- such as the “skull”, facet, teeth, and claws, or more flexible crystalline organs like the outer skin layer, egg, and venom sacs ). Leupai limbs are essentially tendrils or tentacles, and can be stretched, compressed, and bent freely without harm to the leupai.”

  • Currently, it is unknown what happened to Leupai themselves.

(Note 1: “Queen” is a bit misleading - Nefirian has, to my knowledge, never used feminine pronouns. “Queen” is most likely being used to mean “insect queen”.)
(Side note: I need to stop instinctively writing “leupak” and “leupai” with uppercases, since it’s basically the equivalent of saying Dog or Cat. I’m used to writing custom species like that… Blame Starbound and Pokemon.)

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I mentioned that there was a major string of text in Boundless’s code that I found - Here is the full text. I’ve removed some formatting text to make it readable outside of Twine’s text rendering system, but other than that, this is verbatim. Apologies for the text wall!

You flip open the book.

Going to turn this into the library/books inner workings.

Instead of choosing the contents of the book here, we’ll have it happen in the link when you click to open a book and read it, wherever that comes in from.

This will be a catalogue of the contents of all books available in the game.

/% Parasite book %/

/% Microleupii series %/

‘Micro-organisms of HYPOTHESIS’

‘Microleupii’ is a genus of microorganism created by HYPOTHESIS for use in body alteration processes.

The Microleupii family includes ‘M. belesse’, ‘M. miriete’, ‘M. belebaret’, and ‘M. belite’, which all affect bodily functions related to weight gain and the processing of food into fat, each in a different manner and targeting a particular area.

‘Microstygi’ is a genus of microorganism created by HYPOTHESIS for use in body alteration processes.

The Microstygi family includes ‘M. moreauii’ and ‘M. heleni’, which both reproduce rapidly in the body, causing gradual bloating over time.

‘Lactosa virii’ is a microorganism created by HYPOTHESIS for agricultural, industrial, and personal use.

It alters the body in order to stimulate and gradually increase lactation and milk production, typically also causing slow expansion of the breasts as a result of increasing pressure.<><>

/% Pending Books

:spades: Aspecte. A book about all of the different types, and their prevalence in rev society. Maybe mention the old MiraNet Aspecte game for fun points

:spades: The Hypothesis Breach. Subject file. HIGHLY censored; probably only a few lines/words visible, including “the hypothesis breach”, “largest aetherhole ever recorded”, and “referred to by laymen as the [REDACTED] nebula”. It needs to read like an SCP file, fo sho

:spades: Leupai.

As hard definitions go, leupai are their own kingdom of crystalline “mimic” lifeforms, superficially resembling animals, plants, or even inorganic objects (to a lesser degree).

Leupai “blood” is blue, and more akin to a thick jelly that makes up the majority of their bodies (with the rest being either dense, hard crystal-- such as the “skull”, facet, teeth, and claws, or more flexible crystalline organs like the outer skin layer, egg, and venom sacs ). Leupai limbs are essentially tendrils or tentacles, and can be stretched, compressed, and bent freely without harm to the leupai.

Leupai can consume nearly anything, digesting solid food by dissolving it into a jellylike form which is then absorbed completely into themselves.

Their skins are incredibly elastic, enabling them to consume large quantities of food, swallow creatures and objects larger than themselves without harm, and inflate, deflate, and compress their bodies at will.

Leupai oil can be extracted and refined from the flesh and “blood” of leupai, and used to elasticize living flesh, treat fabrics, or be processed into a strong rubber.

True leupai possess four nostril-like “vents”-- a throwback to their humanoid origins, now primarily used to release excess air or liquids when needed; leupai do not need to breathe (although being cut off from Reveric energies can “suffocate” one, given time).

Leupai hybrids such as the Daedlan family only possess a single pair of nostril vents.

Most leupai are venomous, poisonous, or both. Toxins produced by leupai are mutagenic to organic life of all kinds, causing bloating, mutation, voracious hunger, hallucenations, and eventual transformation into a new leupai (a process called ‘realization’ by leupologists). Large-scale release of miratoxin into an ecosystem can result in the mutation of the entire area into a collection of alien flora and fauna which will, in turn, spread the transformation into neighboring regions. Whole planets are sometimes changed in this manner, typically as a result of the presence of one or more leupai queens.

Sufficient long-term exposure to miratoxin will produce pseudoleupai-- creatures that resemble hybridized leupai in appearance, and may even possess partial tongueclaws or mild venom. Somnians are humans who have been gradually exposed to mutagenic levels of miratoxin in this way, typically via tainted water supplies or direct consumption of water-diluted miratoxin (known as “somnus”).

Leupai are completely sexless; they possess no sexual organs, nor do they display dimorphism of any kind.

They are parasitic, using their tongueclaws as ovipositors to deposit eggs in the abdominal cavities of live hosts. Leupai eggs typically will not become viable until exposed to the genetic material of a host creature-- after which the new genes are used to determine the final appearance and nature of the resulting quaggy. In times of duress or necessity, a leupai may force its eggs to finish developing without outside influence, which results in copies of the parent.

In a host, leupai eggs secrete residual miratoxin, causing a sharp spike in appetite, as well as residual weight gain, typically centered in the abdomen (this is believed to provide extra protection while eggs finish development).

Prior to hatching, leupai eggs will roughly double to triple in size, then have a last, rapid growth spurt which typically ruptures the outer shell of the egg, as well as the abdominal cavity of non-leupai hosts. Quaggies will tear or eat their way out of the host if no sufficiently-sized exit is present once the eggshell is shed.

Many leupai may remain to tend to a host creature carrying eggs, assisting with hatching and using miratoxin to seal and help heal wounds prior to the emergence of the quaggies.

Leupai species and subspecies may easily hybridize with one another, with quaggies typically taking on an even blend of features from each parent. True hybrids of leupai and non-leupai species must be laboratory-made, due to the nature of leupai reproduction; such creatures are typically sterile, and do not produce viable eggs.

In rare cases, leupai may create “true” hybrids when eggs are hatched within other compatible alien species.

Leupai are notably unharmed by the vaccuum of space, although long-term exposure may cause gradual mutation.

:spades: Gi.

Girth (Gi) is a standard Revecroit unit of measurement, used to refer to weight, width, circumference, and mass.

No one seems quite certain how this works, but the Revecroix people utilize it in everyday and industrial life with alarming skill and accuracy just the same, despite the very obvious differences in how such things aught to be measured-- and, worse, how differently such things aught to measure up.

Perhaps no one has told them how utterly and blatantly the very concept of such a thing flies in the face of reasonable science, yet.

Perhaps I shall have to be the one to do so. - L.R. Grant.

:spades: The Null.

Null are a leupai subtype that fall from the night sky in great numbers on occasion. According to the Revecroix, they live in and around black holes-- but anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that such a thing is impossible, and frankly I don’t know how much I believe that black holes even exist at all!

No living creature possesses physiology capable of even living near a body of such supposedly catastrophic heat and pressure, let alone somehow surviving the process of being pulled into taffy once one reaches the so-called “event horizon”.

I don’t know who writes Revecroix science books, but they really aught to screen more thoroughly, if not actually learn how science works altogether! - L.R. Grant.

:spades: Mounds.

Leupai mounds are usually dug into soil or rock, preserving natural features externally while hollowing out structures and reinforcing them with space-age materials for living purposes.

Family mounds typically include several passages connecting to nearby tunnels and caverns for hunting and travel, one or more nests/living areas, one or more pools or other natural water sources, a coop where living creatures are kept for fattening, nesting, and/or eventual eating, a crafting and/or storage area, and a kitchen including one or more flat surfaces for preparation, a pantry for keeping plants and fungi, and a lava pit for cooking and disposal. Anywhere from a single Leupai to multiple gigs and/or Houses may live within a single mound.

Organizational mounds are built by and for organizations and practicing professionals, containing one or more rooms tailored to their specific needs. Such mounds may be many times larger than a family mound (some of the Hypothesis Conglomerate’s many branches, for example), or even the size of a single small room, in the case of mounds made to house a single entity’s workroom. Many org mounds consist of multiple smaller mounds joined by short tunnels to share an area between several associated or interdependent trades, including their respective storerooms-- providing convenience to both the owners and their patrons.

Without the need for oxygen, their crystalline physiology, and the ability to survive even in the vaccuum of space, leupai can settle almost anywhere, barring such extremes as within stars or gas giants. They tend to prefer areas that allow them to easily (and stealthily, if necessary) acquire food, although their ability to slip between dimensions makes this easier than it would otherwise be.

:spades: Technology.

Revecroit computers and computer devices function through MiraNet, a multiversal “hypernet” and transmission system which allows for communication and transfer of information via psi energy. MiraNet can be accessed and interacted with by any Revecroit computer, as well as directly through the minds of entities with sufficient psionic ability and knowledge of its existence.

Revecroit computer hardware is a combination of a mainframe-enabled miracrystal and one or more linked paperscreens or Ethereal User Interface (EUI) screens-- a holograph-like, nonphysical screen powered by ambient mirajin energy and called into temporary existence by psionic will when desired.

:spades: Art.

Revecroit ‘sculpture’ is created from either a fleshlike material made from processed Leupai flesh and oils, or through the process of mutating and/or freezing living creatures into the desired shapes.

Such sculptures have the look and feel of living flesh, and can display lifelike colors or be set to any type of hue and/or texture as desired, from pale stone to brilliant, shiny plastics or metals.

Mechanical sculptures have smooth edges and lines, glowing lights, floating UIs, and other computeresque and/or machinery features resembling Revecroit robotics and devices.

Two-dimensional Revecroit artwork is created on hair-thin, fully flexible ‘paperscreens’, which allow for painting, drawing, programming, video, fractals, and the creation and playback of other visual effects as desired in both still and animated form. Such works may also be rigged to play sound and emit and induce other sensory information such as scents, textures, and flavors, and can also be made to produce holographic or three-dimensional “pop-up” effects.

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Question, how did you manage to get access to Boundless’ code? I’m assuming it has to do with loading it up into Twine as a project file or something but I think I’ve tried that in the past and it didn’t work.
So far I’ve been collecting information by actually playing the game (the “shimmering ichor” pools of blue liquid turn into jars of leupai blood if you collect them so that bit I knew from experience) but if I could actually take a look inside it would be a lot of help.

If you have the HTML files downloaded, you can straight up just open it in Notepad and search around :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, keep in mind that there seems to be a lot of Base64 strings, presumably encoding images. So there’s large chunks of effectively garbage data. Also, you should probably use something like Notepad++ and not the default Notepad like I did, just for convenience’s sake.

Small update: confirmation on how “leupai” and “leupak” are pronounced.

For those of you who know the International Phonetic Alphabet:

/luː,paɪ/ /luː,pæk/

For those of you who don’t: firstly, you probably should learn it, since most Wikipedia articles use it, but secondly, it’s pronounced like “loo-pie” and “loo-pack”, with a bit more stress on the second syllable in each.

So in other words, pretty much exactly how you’d probably expect it to be pronounced.

Sick! I can’t believe that giant string of text containing what I thought was garbage data when looking at the page’s source code could be so important, but better late than never I suppose.

Either way, I took a cursory glance just now and it’s rather amazing. Readability issues aside (I actually opened it in Notepad++ but quickly gave up after it started lagging whereas plain Notepad runs just fine, plus the automatic line break helps a lot with readability), the code is dotted with comments here and there and you can open the images just fine by pasting the strings in a browser.
After a while I found an interesting comment relating to debugging tools and I’ve gotten them enabled rather easily on the earliest HTML file I have with me.
Here it is if you wanna experiment with them yourself - I might go ahead and see what’s there to enable on the other ones as well tomorrow.

Doing a bit of research it looks like I’ve been pronouncing “leupai” and “leupak” as /ljuː,paɪ/ and /ljuː,pak/, respectively, thus far. Oops! Well, now I know at least.

EDIT: Since I don’t feel like making a new post for this, I’ll go ahead and mention that I’ve also gotten the second newest build modified to enable the admin tool menu.

Unlike the ones previously seen so far this one seems to be a lot more like the one found in the 4CE mod, complete with zones and event toggles. Not only that, it has a bunch of items not present in any other version which have some rather interesting (and extreme) effects.


In the meantime, here's a list of things I learned while looking at the code:
  • There are a couple of images, which as far as I know, aren’t used anywhere in the game in any of the versions. There’s puddles of liquids (such as “slime”) which don’t seem to be found anywhere, a set of “devinn” recolors and a blimp-bellied mythosi encounter image. If anyone wants to see them tell me and I’ll edit the post.

  • Out of all playable species, I’ve known it was possible to transform into a leupai (through miratoxin overdose or leucantrophy), fyynling horrors (reaching 100% fyynling hybridization), slimes (reaching the slime colonization cap for your weight) and all of the base species + adephagians, blubberslimes and mythosi (through the Console, or certain magic fountain encounters for the latter), plus a few oddballs through high mirajin radiation. What I didn’t know was that:

    • If you reach 100% fyynling hybridization as a slime, you mutate into a straight up fyynling rather than a horror, and if you’re a leupai or mythosi, you just get a subspecies change instead. I believe something similar happens if you reach the slime colonization cap but I haven’t checked.
    • Inputting the command “gain” (not the same as “fatten”) while speaking to Nefirian with less than -50 favor turns you into a blubberslime, regardless of your current species.
    • You can turn into a somnian by reaching 50 somniation (your somniation score increases naturally if miratoxin is present in your body) and waiting for the mutation event to proc. I probably should’ve found out about this already, but it might be understandable given how much waiting it takes for this to happen.
    • Helenes are a weird case. You can use the Test Mutator in some versions to get the helene species if you’re feeling lucky, but there’s code for a helene mutation event (1/12 chance of proccing on high helenotoxin dosages) that is deactivated on purpose because (allegedly) it’s super broken (in-game it only messes up the alert box), but that one changes your body parts and genes correctly if activated.
  • There’s player images for species that, as far as I know, are unimplemented (namely, daedlan and iicarn), which I found interesting considering many species share player images; going by a comment it looks like there were plans for different player images for avian and reptile arkas (in-game they just use the generic arka and leupai images, respectively).


Oh hey, cool! :3 I’ll take a look when I can then.

To be honest, I never actually thought of the possibility of the /j/ sound being in there, but I… kinda like that pronunciation better. But then again, the Revecroix language is influenced by French, and we all know how much French hates pronouncing every letter : p

Thread is dying, quick, pay the art tax! /lh

New art of two of my leups, may as well post em here! I also changed them slightly to be more accurate to the source material (funnily enough, I actually had no clue about the “4 nostril vents” part until recently, oops! xwx)

First pic is by Userpage of Hot-Stuffs -- Fur Affinity [dot] net and second pic is by me!

(yes those are indeed homestuck outfits how could you tell? : p Seer of Breath and Sylph of Light for those who know)


…I’m just now realizing that there are a few mistakes with the pics I shared earlier.
I really need to pay more attention when people send me WIPs. And also maybe pay more attention to my own WIPs, since I made one of these. xwx

(Added second nostrils, changed tongue)

(Small area with missing color on the back, near the arm)

I’m trying to take the accuracy of their designs seriously now, if that wasn’t apparent : p

Just noticed this was updated!
To anyone else viewing this, feel free to re-read tbe post, some very interesting stuff about planned additions the original dev(s) wanted to make to Boundless were found in the code!

I’d love to see the images for the Mythosi, as well as any for the Helene and Daedlan if you can share them! :o

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