Looking for a rarely used type

Hey can anyone recommend me a good pov game about weight gain, as in you play as the fat character, i have noticed that there is a lack of them. It´s underated and underused.


Your post should probably indicate if you have any preferences on visuals, genre, etc, but when I think of a pov game it’s not just you playing as the character that is gaining weight. It’s you seeing the game and events from the first person perspective of that character, which is more common in comics but I honestly can’t think of any fetish games that do that entirely.

But if your version of “pov” means something different then how I think of it, as might be indicated from this line. There are quite a lot of games where you play as a protagonist that gains weight. But I will still try to keep my recommendations more in line with the spirt of POV weight gain.

  • Fill Me Up - It uses custom 3D visuals made in blender (and in the latest paid version has switched art styles to AI generated art). The game is in a semi sandbox style visual novel format, using the renpy engine. In this game where you play as a female college student. There are multiple routes or pathways but you can focus fully on a feedee aspect for the MC and there is currently one scene that has an actual POV shot during the weight in functions that were added into the most recent paid release available on patron. You can check out the first post for how that looks. But other than that one repeating scene there are no other current POV shots, but lots of content about the MC gaining weight.

  • Feed my Affection - Is a hand drawn 2D visual novel where you pick the gender of the protagonist (which currently has no visuals, I believe there are talks of this changing) and you can gain weight within it. The game gets regular paid monthly releases with the current free version just being a few behind the most recent. In the game there are some different options that lead into a mutual gaining aspect or even one character that is a feeder of the MC. I mention this here within the spirt of POV as the dev behind the project did a popular POV comic in both male and female versions and I likely think there might at least be some scenes in the future like that. Especially since the OC from the comic is the feeder in game.

There are probably games out there that have some POV scenes in them where you’re playing through as a protagonist that gains weight, but I can’t think of many. But if you’re just looking for a protagonist that gains there are a ton of games out there, it’s really common for #text-adventure games, and there are some #renpy and #rpg-maker games that feature a playable MC that gains weight.


You guessed it right the first time, i am looking for “It’s you seeing the game and events from the first person perspective of that character”. Also, fill me up currently has some scenes that do feature first perspective in the works. But yes, that is the type of gameplay I am looking for.