Looking for a variety of sprites (for female)


I’m new here and currently searching for some sprites to put in a game.

The sprites I need can range from stuffed bellies to fat overall bodies. If anybody has any recommendations or links to good sprites, please reply and put them here.


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You don’t say what game engine you’re using, so not sure how useful these will be, but there’s a thread here…

which has quite a few sprites in it.

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Here is a spritesheet template made by the same person who made Spacethumper (I think) that I downloaded from this site a while ago. This was originally used to make a christmas themed platformer.
Spritesheet.zip (256.0 KB)

Thank you!

Btw, I’m using rpg maker mv.

Also, I heard of a server called ‘the SRB discord server’ and I was wondering if anyone had a link to it.

In addition, is there any more places where I can find sprites?

Super Fatty RPG released a lot of the character sprites from both the original game and the remake. I’m struggling to find the exact post however. But I do still have the original .Zip