Looking for an old game

I was attempting to find an old Quest game once again, and I haven’t had a whole pile of luck. If I recall correctly, it was called “The Game of (Fat) Life.” Like the name suggests, it was based on the Game of Life; you just happened to get really fat.

I had thought it was linked somewhere on the forums, but have had no luck. Does anyone still have a link for it?


Never heard of it before, but it sounds really great!

It was one of the games “lost” when the old boards died bur can be found in this new thread.


Unfortunately, it’s not The Wheel of Fattune that I was looking for, though I do remember this one.

I don’t have a link, but I do have the game itself. Zipped up to work with the forum’s file uploader. Fat Life.zip (45.4 KB)

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Ooops, sorry, I’d got that game misnamed in my folders.

No worries (additional characters in order to post)

Mine again! (By the sounds of it, anyway)

Here you go


That’s the one. Thank you!