Looking For Artist For Weight Gain Themed 2D Platformer Game [Paid Gig]

I’m looking for an artist I can pay to make some “live2d” characters for my platformer from a few different angles. Your job will just be to draw the models (No need to worry about rigging, animating, etc… but if you’re interested in helping out with that we may be able to work something out). I could use some help fleshing out the character designs too, so we can add to your pay for that as well. As far as art styles, I don’t have anything specific in mind, though something like Nikke but a bit simpler would be great. If you have a different art style you’re rather use, that’s totally fine though. My game has 3 main characters and handful of side characters that will need to be drawn from 2 or 3 different angles, so expect a constant trickle of work over the next several months.

The basic concept of the game is action/puzzle platformer inspired by Lost Vikings and Trine that takes place in a fantasy setting. Switch control of three very curvy, very chubby girls each representing one of the 3 B’s (Belly, Boob, Booty). Each girl has a unique set of skills and abilities to fight monsters and solve puzzles. This will be a relatively large indie game I plan to sell on Steam that takes several hours to beat.

A little bit about me, you may know me as Itsqwet on DeviantArt. I write stories about thicc/fat girls in my free time. For my day job though, I’m a game programmer for small local company. I’ve made mobile apps/games, websites, Flash games, Facebook games, FB Instant games, but never a PC game before. (I’d love to share some specific examples of my work, but I don’t like the idea of mixing my professional life with my horny alt account. I’m sure you can understand.)

So if you’re interested (or know of an artist that you think would be a good fit) please feel free to drop a reply and link some of your work. Thank you for your time!

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Hey, i’m interested with the ideas and here’s my deviant acc you can take a look for yourself if my drawing is good enogh :smile:, i fairly new to drawing so i can’t really draw that fast because i’m still learning about anatomy etc.