Looking to hire artist to make character animations for a weight gained themed 2D platformer [Paid Gig]

The basic concept of the game is action/puzzle platformer inspired by Lost Vikings and Trine that takes place in a fantasy setting. Switch control of three very curvy, very chubby girls each representing one of the 3 B’s (Belly, Boob, Booty). Each girl has a unique set of skills and abilities to fight monsters and solve puzzles. This will be a relatively large indie game I plan to sell on Steam that takes several hours to beat.

I feel the visual aspect of this game is extremely important, so instead of shitting out my own pixel art, I think it would be best for me to hire a proper artist. This game will be sprite-based, so all I’d need are png sequences for each animation. This would be a steady trickle of work over the few months (possibly years) where I need a new asset every few weeks or something and then throw the usual rate’s worth of cash at you.

As far as art-styles go, I’m open to anything but pixel art. It’s great for indie games yes, but it just doesn’t quite express jiggling fat in motion like I want for a project like this haha.

A little bit about me, you may know me as Itsqwet on DeviantArt. I write stories about thicc/fat girls in my free time. For my day job though, I’m a game programmer for small local company. I’ve made mobile apps/games, websites, Flash games, Facebook games, FB Instant games, but never a PC game before. (I’d love to share some specific examples of my work, but I don’t like the idea of mixing my professional life with my horny alt account. I’m sure you can understand.)

So if you’re interested (or know of an artist that you think would be a good fit) please feel free to drop a reply and link some of your work. Thank you for your time!


I’m a 2d illustrator that mostly works in adobe illustrator and photoshop, with nominal skills in after effects. If you ever wanna collaborate my discord is grunk3620