Looking for artist help - "WG Isekai Game"

Good afternoon!

My name is Muffin. I have been working on a project currently just labeled the “Weight Gain Isekai,” though we do have other name ideas.

Regardless, we’ve hit a few snags. One of them being, our core artist has gone MIA due to IRL things. I hold no grudges about his disappearance, but I’m struggling to get a clearer pitch/proof-of-concept without reliable art for the characters and world. We have base designs for the main cast, but I would really appreciate an artist looking to work on multiple character portraits OR background art throughout a visual novel game.

If you are interested, please let me know!

I will reply with a link to the game’s current WIP thread, and some current art assets for the character designs.


So, here are the current BASE character designs for each of the FIVE most important characters. There are other characters in the game’s story, but these are the five most important!

Aria is an eccentric and excitable sorcerer, capable of casting powerful spells. She is passionate about researching science and magic alike, and has been known to ignore ethical and safety guidelines at times!

Beruka is a rough-and-tumble brawler who settles things with her fists and a cold beer! She enjoys training hard, partying hard, and having fun! Will she maintain her muscular physique, even with a few extra pounds, or will she have to drastically adjust her lifestyle?

Kaiya is a cold and distant ranger, who is NOT always a bitch - just half the time. She isn’t very fond of people and is slow to trust. She loves nature and the woods, obviously, but she secretly loves adorable cutesy stuff.

Nora is the mega MILF priestess of your dreams. She is a kindly motherly cleric who will do anything to take care of you and your party, including very pleasant naps.

Shiniami is the goddess of death and the afterlife, assigned by the Big Man to send your soul into a new Isekai lifestyle! She will be your guide, friend, and only link to the non-fantasy world. She’s also a smoking hot weeb.

And if you want to check out the VERY early and ugly WIP build protoytpe, check it out here:


who was the artist that made these designs? I get that they ghosted the game, which sucks, but uh, who were they? I wanna go check out their catalog if they have a twitter/dA/whatever.

I don’t know if I have any of that saved, just a discord name. I’ll dig through and look for a gallery link

Hey… I was the artist for this project, guys… And I’m really really sorry that I have left you. It’s because I’ve had to leave my hometown I got a place in a med college I wanted to study at and right now all of my time goes to studying. I should’ve at least said and keep in touch with you, muffintop, but I did not have a way to do so back then… Another reason I left was the trouble with money and a loss of my workspace. But, thanks to a neighbor from my dorm, I was hired as an artist for another project and was able to get enough money to buy my own laptop recently and now I have at least something to work on. But even still, I don’t think you’ll want me to get back to work for your project because for what I have done I can’t be trusted anymore
Sorry for the trouble I have caused, guys…

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I think I still have backups from this project, and, if you need, I can send them all to you

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Hey hey its okay man, you didn’t betray my trust or anything - life happens! I really appreciate everything you’ve done for the project and I don’t want you to feel any kind of shame or anything. Send me a message on discord anytime and we can catch up and I can fill you in on how the project has been going, and see if you want to work on it (if you can!) otherwise you can just be a collaborator since you DID help design the core characters! No matter what, your work was and is invaluable and I really appreciate your help - and I hope we can stay in touch!


Oh, alright. I’ll text you when I have spare time

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