Looking for female vore weight gain game (Not furry and project fat)

Im looking for female vore weight gain game but not Furry or Project fat. and its be RPG or visual novell

Probably Fatties earting fatties


:frowning: aww…
Yeah Fatties Eating Fatties is probably your best bet.

SFRPG is another. Although it’s not furry technically (well I dont think so) it has both weight gain and vore and is quite fun to play.

technically fatty text adventure qualifies

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I’m working on something like that, but they’re kinda halfsies on the whole human thing. Like lamias 'n stuff. Avorable.

Isn’t that furry? googles yeah it is!

i just remembered a game called project F.A.T and it is the best vore game is could think of, sorry i dont really search for vore

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