Avorable - a planetside vore adventure with lamia girls

Hello, everyone, and thank you for coming to my topic!

So, Avorable, a WIP name, but I’m willing to either keep it or take on suggestions.


Contains “Slime Alien” (debatable), “Food/Drink Stuffing”, “Burping/Belching”, “Vomiting” (debatable), “Oral Vore”. “Speed Weight Gain/Loss”. “Hermaphrodites/Futanari”. “(hyper, speed, mass) Pregnancy”. “Cum inflation” and “Oviposition Inflation” (no larger than pregnant).

There will be toggles for certain fetishes.

Concept Art so far


The Seven Queens of the Umovan world called for a cease fire from the War - a war that had lasted thousands of years - and have managed to collectively scrape together a shaky alliance with ease.

War, Food, and Birthing camps were slowly transforming into small villages across the face of the swamp infested planet - endless bogs and quagmires stretched across the surface of the small celestial body, each region with its own unique biome, albeit predominated by marshes, ever thick with fog and smoke, and dense tree cover with little sunlight breaching the canopies.

Lamians were hardly the only sapient species on the planet, though the others have retreated underground into small dens barely thriving, deep beneath the surface and in complex cave systems spanning hundreds of kilometers wide across the Deep, protected from the war mongering serpents above them.

Magical energies, once used for destructive purposes, have been shoddily redesigned to reverse the calamities that have blighted the world’s landscape, pockmarked with craters and burn marks across the world’s surface.

A meteor suddenly breaches the atmosphere late at night, streaking red through the thin atmosphere, and strikes the landscape, pushing deep under the soft and moist soils, until it has come to a stop in a cave system. Within this rocky starfall, a slime oozes out and falls to the floor of the next cave with a sickening splorch.

Two creatures, high on adrenaline and recently engaged in a fight of ferality and instinct, turn towards the amorphous creature, which jiggles somewhat, almost gesturing in their direction.

The Imivkin Hive Mind has fallen to the surface of Umova, an ancient alien psionic gravely injured and desperate for immediate assistance. With all its remaining power, it strikes the greater of two evils down, and turns to look towards the more sapient of the two, herself just as injured, though pinned beneath tons of rock and boulder, wearily raising a worn warhammer in its direction, gulping down mouthfuls of air.


Almost a sandbox/survival world. Basically, just a number of different “biomes” of marshland you can go around and explore. Working on a balanced item recurrence to prevent “exhausting area resources”.

Planned Mechanics

Queens’ Favor: Overarching mechanic - decided through interaction with the population: (quest related characters and acquirable characters). Basically - doing good things and things with consent bears you good tidings.

Levelling: Your characters may gain experience normally, however, there is an additional layer to levelling when involving the fetishes involved in the game. Performing small minigames with acquirable characters provide temporary bonuses - performing the consented actions provide more powerful bonuses.

Crafting System: Impregnating lamias and feeding them provides born crafting materials in the form of slime drones. These slime drones are the basis to the hive mind’s survival: feeding itself by adding the nourished material to its main body (this is necessary throughout the game) as well as building more powerful drones by adding them together. Adding special crafting items found in the wild to the slimes prior to after the birthing process produces special drones.

Battle: Battle systems are yet to be determined on the balances in the match. Voring an enemy creature can be performed if the creature has low enough health (reduces the number of stomach spaces it occupies), if the creature is stunned in some way, if the creature is willing (maintains full number of stomach spaces it will occupy), and/or if they are simply caught off guard (percentage based). Reducing the health of an enemy loses stomach spaces due to it losing parts of itself throughout the fight.

There are other special systems that are spoilers right now and are still in development.

Unaccepted Fetishes

“Immobility”, “Farting”, “Snuff”, “Disposal”, any other form of “Vore” beyond oral. “Bursting/Popping”. To be expanded upon.

Also, just as proof this game is actually being done:


Anyone, who for some God forsaken reason, that actually cares (THANK YOU! :sob: ), I’ve made some major updates to the idea: namely, changing the lamias from hermaphrodites to a full asexual species that identify as female and are all feminine. Another would be changing food people to, well, actual people. So, uh, yeah!

Actual title of the idea may change in the future. Thank you for coming to my stupid idea :).


hey, just wanted to say that i love the idea! it’s a wonderfully unique concept, well, nothing like i’ve seen anyway and it seems like you’ve got high aspirations. a lot could come from these ideas and i can’t wait to see where it goes. concepts and projects like these really make me want to offer my help, particularly as an artist, but the problem there lies within my inexperience as an artist, let alone as a fetish artist. i’ve worked on the odd character or animation though, and would be more than willing to try to help, even if the art is just placeholder stuff. let me know what ya think :))

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Ah, thank you so much for the offer! If you don’t mind, perhaps we can work out a bit of concept art to see where we both stand in this: as you admitted to be less than experienced in fetish artwork, and I admit to be less than stellar in my own fetish writing - working on a girls stuffing fic, you see~.

Anyways, as soon as I figure out how DMs work, I’ll message you, and maybe we can migrate to Discord to talk further.

Would love to see this get off the ground! Good luck!


ooo thats something you dont see every day.

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It’s a long repressed fetish of mine, but I’ve come to accept it under consensual contexts, if for nothing more than the belly.

Whilst I can see that there has been a lot of thought put into the setting and background, and seeing as you are making a focused effort to push ahead with this idea, I think it’s high time to nail down some concrete details about the game itself - what exactly is this game? An RPG? An adventure game? A fighting game? A combination of all three?

Before we start talking about any systems and subsystems, let’s focus on the primary gameplay - when you remove all the window dressing, what is the typical moment-to-moment gameplay ie, the actions that the player will be doing to progress the game along and how will this be entertaining to the player?

The primary loop may be simple or just a conveyance for any secondary and tertiary gameplay loops that comprise the meat of your game, but you still need to establish what that primary loop is.
For example:
In ‘generic-RPG’ you control an avatar of the main character on both an overworld map and in set dungeon levels, and can interact with other characters and elements. Random battle encounters (a secondary system) can occur in designated overworld areas as well as within dungeon levels.

Once you have more of that basic outline, this can comprise the backbone of your design spec. Useful for all those working on the project since they are the ones who need to be aware of the nuts and bolts of the design, free from the distraction of any window dressing.

I do have an idea for the “first chapter” of sorts, where after the first dungeon is effectively “conquered” by doing the same tasks repeatedly to recover enough (acquiring food and returning them to the lamia in question - much like in Adventure Chef and is healed enough to move), she will take your character out of the cave and into the overworld, where you are met with an endless, foggy swampland.

At that point, it’s pure exploration with battles mixed into it. The nearby village proffers quests to gain the trust of several lamia who will accompany you throughout the rest of the chapter, as well as perhaps various fluff that doesn’t lead anywhere concrete and is just for some additional fun - but doing it all provides small permanent increases to stats and perhaps some additional fighting moves, to smooth along the fights a little bit.

I suppose, if I’m understanding this right, the loops are like this:

  1. Primary: exploration and puzzles. Essentially completing village offered quests that normally result in a fetish-related reward and/or fighting-related reward.
  2. Secondary: On a more macro level, each section will have the same idea of exploration and puzzles from village offered quests, though with a great difference to the previous one, to prevent copies and repetitiveness.
  3. Tertiary: and on the highest macro level, each chapter would lead to a benefit of a future chapter, with the exception of the final one, as there would be no post-chapter reward.

Chapter 1: Umovan planet. 3 Acts, each with a number of Scenes. I have a rough idea on story progression and pacing. Now that I have the VX Lite RPG Maker it’s making it apparent that it’s even taller order than I originally thought - and I was never stupid enough to believe it was a small one.
Chapter 2: First foray into space war. Still working on story progression and pacing.
Chapter 3: Galactic dominance. Still working on story progression and pacing.

It sounds kind of stupid in hindsight, now that you’ve got me thinking on certain things and outlining it.

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I’ve Decided to maybe Change the Hive Mind
  • Keep the common Hive Mind idea
  • Bee Queen Hive Mind
  • Slime Queen Hive Mind
  • Ant Queen Hive Mind

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What color should the Slime Hive Mind be?
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

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I’ve made some concept art! It’s viewable in the main post!


It sounds absolutely beutiful. I cant wait for hte game!

Didn’t even vote, but it went my way! Hahahahaha! Green Slime Queen Hivemind!

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Lmao, I’m glad you got what you wanted!