Looking for games similar to Coven of Calahree

So I finished Coven of Calahree and I love the idea of townspeople or in general NPCs and enemies all grow fatter the further you get in the story. Are there more games like that with such weight gain elements ?

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Apostles - if you don’t mind the darker tone and lengthier, heavier story elements - might be what you’re looking for.


There’s also SFRPG which makes the NPCs gain weight the longer you go with the story. I liked it, but the full version is around 10$


I do have this game installed but forgot to continue it after I think the first day , I will consider playing it as soon as possible ! Thanks !

10 Dollars ? If there is a demo and I like it I may consider buying it ! Thanks for the recommendation !

There actually is an old version somewhere in Itch.io still, although it is really much different from the last release, I suggest trying it to get a gist of how the game feels anyway.

Like others have said Apostles and SFRPG are about the only ones on par with CoC’s writing.
But if you are look for some stuff a bit more unfinished. You could check out Grimimic stuff. GUT is pretty good and has fatten able enemies at certain points.

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