Looking for ideas

So, I am a developer and was thinking of making a game, toss some ideas and I might just make a game off of it. Will be using unity in this case.


you know those factory games like satisfactory, factorio, atrio: the dark world? that but you’re resources are going to feeding someone

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How about you run a candy store as a witch and you have to Balance make food for your Customer so they gain weight and you eating food so that you can use magic make the food.

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I think it’s somewhat odd that no games feature a ‘fat as currency’ system, the closest I’ve seen is the gym in Impossiblesnail’s SFRPG. But I think a game with this feature explored more in depth would be neat.

I believe someone already made that called gain factory Gain Factory by kittykiller kuriosity Either way another variation can always be a good idea, but of course, I figure it is obligatory to inform you of it, I do like a few of the ideas, may look into developing one of these at some point.

I do believe there is one other game that did it, that called em cals, but I don’t think it is complete or set up, so if I go for it would still be worth it potentially, I do recall another game, but I can’t say it is the same thing at all as to what you are looking for. I remember it is fatty text adventure. (but its more so a means to progress stat wise than an actual currency though.)

some sort of team manager game where you’re in charge of some sports team and you also take care of them (like, you organize their house and stuff), and there’re advantages to different sizes in different place. you could even have different sports. like if it was soccer, having the goalie be as big as possible would be best, and you would do that via, feeding them in the house.

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There is an excess of life sim’s/RPGs so think outside of that box if you want. But if you are going that route, Tainted Elysium is worth studying. Very well made.

How about a card battle game like slay the spire: you are trying to got as fat as you can in a set amount turns without busting also each food has points and there are other card that effect you in a good and bad way as you got more card in you deck you got fatter and be able to eat more food.

Maybe something along the lines of finding a demoness/dragoness/elf/human/other that isn’t able to get out of their prison. Which in this case can be house/castle/big glass box/other.
The player finds them. Said character places a curse on the player/makes a deal or something along those lines. The deal states that the player has to feed the character till they are big/fat/giant enough so said character can forcefully break free from their prison. In exchange the player won’t get consumed and will be spared once the character is set free to rule the world?

I’m into text adventures myself, but also like visuals with good animations? To see the character inflate/expand/fatten, etc

An idea I had ages ago but never posted was for a fat character to act as support for some other character.

The way the idea would work in my mind would have a skinny character need a resource for say casting spells (maybe mana is tied to the amount of fat in the body or something) and have the fat character be the ‘battery’ for them. This would make having the character get fat be an intrinsic buff as the amount of mana they could hold would increase with their size. Thus allowing the skinny character cast stronger spells.

Obviously you could roll the two characters into one. However my original idea was for this supposed prodigy mage who is really gifted at learning spells but due to their small size can’t actually cast them. But with the two juxtaposed characters working together you then have this glass cannon mage and fat (perhaps airhead) tank/support who are polar opposites which leads to some hopefully interesting character conflict or comedy. Unfortunately I never had time to really develop the idea from there but if anyone wants to take inspiration from there feel free.

I would give my soul to an MMORPG, we could migrate the whole Weight Gaming community into it. There would be quest jams, dungeons raids, economy, feeding, player housing etc.
Sadly it requires a lot of money but i like utopias…

Depending on your skills, maybe a management strategy game

I’ve got quite some ideas for games if you’re interested to hear them

Shoot em… I would love to hear, working on a few things now.

Well I had the idea of a hybrid Farming Sim/management with strategy based like Darkest Dungeon where you gather adventurers who work the farm and gain weight, and send some out on adventure to gather resources and gear and unlock more species for adventurers. In combat, weight hinders speed but boosts power and endurance, and losing weight through training and exercise gains experience to level up a character’s attributes

Funny, I had a similar idea… though not necessarily a farming one… though mechanics function very similar… more like an adventurers guild management sim actually. Though I may take some from darkest dungeon and some elements from other games to do things.

Oh? an Adventuring guild? are you fine with beast / Furry races and characters?

Yeah I am cool with furry characters basically… I mean if you want to make a bunny girl or a wolf man thats one thing and I have no issues with that basically. Though I probably would class em as basically beast folk or so in the world to make it make sense.

yeah. How do you feel about other expansions, like inflation or pregnancy?