Looking for Playtesters

Currently looking for anyone who’s willing to playtest my next project before its official release. Here’s a link if you’d like a little more info before signing up:

Requesting access to the playtest is simple. Follow the link to this google form, and then enter the required information:

EDIT: Be sure to check the spam section in your email for the response if you don’t see it. It’ll be titled “FATACLYSM Playtest”

I’ll be sending out the download to people who sign up. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to send the files to every person who requests access, but I’ll try.

A link to another google form for providing feedback is included in the game itself. Once you’ve played thoroughly, please be sure to submit your thoughts there. If any pressing issues come up, though, feel free to drop it in the replies on this thread or the itch page.


Your premise sounds magnificent, I have my fingers crossed that I am selected.

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You’ve made some fun stuff in the past, love the no nonsense, all damage is fat idea. AI art looks great too, looking forward to this game’s future.

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Sent a request, here’s hoping I get picked. ^^

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Sent a request since I enjoyed Grandmaster of Gluttony

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Cant wait to try it out. This feels like a new major project going live. It will be cool to watch development of other areas and content!

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Loved grandmaster of Gluttony, and from what’s shown so far, this is going to be a blast!

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I got the link i got didn’t work for me

Tons of people already signed up but here is to hoping! It sounds like a ton of fun from what I read <3

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does the warden fight suppose to repeat itself after defeat the warden

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Had to go back and play your firs game again as well since I didnt get to mess around on the updates lol

The playtest link does not work for me either

Submitted! Very excited to see the progress of the game’s development regardless of whether or not I get chosen! :smile:

Submitted a request, I’m excited to see how this game plays out! The idea of a fat-focused text adventure roguelite is super enticing! Looking forward to supporting you as you continue developing this game (and any future projects, but might be too early to say that lol)

You should’ve received an email titled “FATACLYSM Playtest Link Fixed”, but if you can’t find it I just sent you another link.

This was a bug that’s now been fixed. The most recent version of the game in the download contains a changelog of fixes.

I just sent out another wave of download links, so check your email!

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I would like to know too because seems like old saves are not compatible.

sent a request hoping to get picked
need that game asap

Everyone who didn’t get the e mail should check spam folder, i found mine there.

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Bug found: There is a bug when reminiscing Aria’s portraits where there is an error when showing her obese alt picture.


Thank you so much ! xD