Looking for soft-shaped Skryim character mods!

I’ve been wanting to try to make a fat and/or thicc skyrim character but haven’t found a really good way of doing it. Anyone got advice on making a character who looks like they’ve (and certainly has) packed on the pounds?


Devourment on aryion, imported coldsteelj’s ssbbw2 and ssbbw3 body sliders.

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as far as I can tell there isnt a good way to do it. the mods that baton mentioned are your best bet though. I’ve had some success with them, but like much of skyrim modding it’s complicated and very poorly documented.

There is also Shape Atlas for Men, but that is a complicated one to install. I have never been able to do it and now the process on how to do it seems to be on a site that is down

@Baton Do you know where to find these bodysliders? I’ve been having a really hard time finding them, sorry!

@MK.IIB Do you have any knowledge you’d be willing to share on those sliders (especially where to find them)? I’m pretty good at modding games but if it’s anything related to bodyslide stuff some tips/pointers/resources/help would be nice :slight_smile:

Well you need bodyslides the mod installed, and… I can’t remember what mod puts those sliders in the character creator at the beginning if it’s not bodyslides. I did this whole process with a friend of mine a month or so ago, so I’ll go back through our DMs and see what I can extract from our chats.

also I really hope you like GINORMOUS tits because I could not for the life of me figure out to use the ssbbw sliders without making the tits a.) small but horrendously misshapen or b.) fucking huge.

Ok so, I have racemenu installed and from what I remember thats the mod that put the sliders in at character creation. So when you were installing devourment, if you checked the right boxes there should be a bunch of outfits that have been modified to work with the sliders that you can mess with during character creation. idk what they all are. You’ll just have to experiment. Also, armor was not among them iirc.

good luck. and if it works out, post some pics!

in devourment’s bodyslide groups when you install it, but i never actually got around to properly installing it hence why it failed for me, btw, there are still “weightmorphs” and “bbw body” mods on nexus using default cbbe sliders, also, recently someone on weightgaming made frameworks for bodies “BodyMod and WeightMod”. Second essentially being there for wg and utilizing bodymod, it’s in alpha and pretty barebones.

I am the friend MK mentioned speaking with.

As she said there really is no one way to do it. If there was, there likely would be a much more user-friendly way of installing models like that by now.

What I have (the stuff I showed off in my Character, Roleplaying, & Screen-Archery Thread) I got to after learning very much, and a lot of trial and error.

I plan on making a post in the future elucidating some of my discoveries (much, much easier animation editing, a more detailed guide on extracting and converting sliders, maybe some resources I’ve made myself, etc, etc).

I just have a lot on my plate (bah dum tiss) right now (real life, secret project, public project, writing, modding different games in my spare time, etc, etc), and I do not feel like doing tech support for it. Also, my methods do not allow for some coveted things people besides me would likely want. The main example of that being Real-Time Weight Gain (I like making a static model as opposed to the dynamic slider method some have preferred using due Skyrim’s animation limitations and the models even with special sliders generally needing a lot of manual tweaking for it to look good).

For now, before I’ve made my post, I would recommend what others have said. Devourment sliders for feminine characters (you can choose to just extract the sliders if that’s all you need/want, and are a more experienced user that’s willing to get down-and-dirry with Bodyslide & Outfit Studio), and Shape Atlas For Men sliders for masculine characters.

As MK said, if you get some results you like, post pics either here or on my Screen-Archery thread. I’d love to see them! Sorry I can’t be of more help currently.

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Their site is not down, somehow the owner lost the rights to the VectorPlexus domain name and is using the backup domain for the time being, comically named VectorPlexis.

Here is a link to the backup site: https://vectorplexis.com/