Looking for Someone to Animate Fatty Walk Cycles for Skyrim

I’m working on an update for my Skyrim mod Corruption, specifically the feederism/food addiction component. I have a new bodyslide preset that’s going to be applied to the player:

And, the vanilla Skyrim female walk and run animations simply do not work with it. I’m currently using the male Skyrim animations, which work better, but not efficiently.

So, I’m hoping someone with the skills and the free time to make some walk cycles sees this and takes interest in making some.

I have found a topic here on LoversLab that goes over how to get started making Skyrim animations in Blender. I’ve also included two archives below containing the male walk and run animations as a starting point, and the Bodyslide preset and mesh to use as reference.

If anyone is interested in taking this on, let me know.
Skyrim Male Animations.zip (279.1 KB)
Corruption Feederism.zip (373.2 KB)