Looking for Someone to Animate Fatty Walk Cycles for Skyrim

I’m working on an update for my Skyrim mod Corruption, specifically the feederism/food addiction component. I have a new bodyslide preset that’s going to be applied to the player:

And, the vanilla Skyrim female walk and run animations simply do not work with it. I’m currently using the male Skyrim animations, which work better, but not efficiently.

So, I’m hoping someone with the skills and the free time to make some walk cycles sees this and takes interest in making some.

I have found a topic here on LoversLab that goes over how to get started making Skyrim animations in Blender. I’ve also included two archives below containing the male walk and run animations as a starting point, and the Bodyslide preset and mesh to use as reference.

If anyone is interested in taking this on, let me know.
Skyrim Male Animations.zip (279.1 KB)
Corruption Feederism.zip (373.2 KB)


Sorry, I can’t do the animations, but I would like to know which body that preset was made for? I would like to use it even if there are no good animations yet. It looks wonderful!

My mods use morphs that are compatible UUNP/BHUNP and LE CBBE. For some crazy reason they decided to re-name some of the morphs when porting CBBE to the Special Edition, so CBBE 3BA isn’t compatible.

Thank you! I’ll fiddle around with BHUNP then. You’re doing gods work, architect.

You can in the meantime take female animations and simply move apart limbs via hkxPoser tool. It takes like a minute for each animation though you’ll have to do it for each animation separately. Not a permanent solution, just a bandaid fix.
Using DRA, you can also switch to animations with further spread limbs as Corruption value increases. Global variables are tracked by that mod, so, it doesn’t take much to set up.
I actually had like five sets of animations prepared for this kind of stuff, but since all mods I’ve seen for SE eiter use morphs or use weight, but don’t work, I haven’t been able to put them to use.

Do you mean DAR, Dynamic Animation Replacer? Because I’m already using that.

If you still have those animations available, could you upload them? I’d love to take a look at them.

Yes, that one.
They are for SE (briefly used to be for LE before I converted them because I couldn’t get SE version of the poser working) and I made them using other people’s work, so, I’m not sure if they can be shared beyond that, but I can at least do it privately for examination. Do note that I was also using a specific body for each stage (modified coldsteel sliders with way fatter wrists and ankles) and they have no DAR stuff for reasons stated above, they just exist as animations.

I was looking for animations to accomodate for coldsteelj’s ssbbw3 body so they’d fix the issue where the arms would be inside the body, would you be able to share the animations you speak of privately?

Don’t know if this will help but some one made animations for oldrim and someone converted them to SE. ssbbw big experience at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community
I used them before and they at least stop the limbs from clipping the body. Just keep in mind any ones that go past the medium set of animations will cause the thighs to space out from one another. I wouldn’t recommend using the sneak animations though, it looks weird both from transitioning from standing to sneaking and attacking to just the movement itself.

Sure, I’ll get to it when I can.