Looking for stories, in general and specifically

I am in dire need of inspiration for writing, so I have decided I should try reading some weight gain related literature in order to see if that helps.

My mind faintly remembers a story I read off of Deviantart many, many, many years back… and despite my best attempts with google I have had no luck finding it. If anyone could help me track it down it would be very much appreciated. What I remember about it is was told from the perspective a owner and cook of a diner that is visited by an enormously fat girl and her family. She gets stuck in the entrance but after making it through proceeds to eat until she falls asleep. That’s about all I remember sadly…

Aside from that though, I figured I would also take any suggestions for stuff to read, your personal favourites or classics that everyone might know.

Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure what your preferred read time is but your post reminded me of a short comic from 2009! It’s not a story, though. Here’s a few off the top of my head! Also, you could never go wrong with Animexpansion.com. Apologies if these aren’t what you had in mind!

Very short: Snackrooms Twine
Short: Growing into it
Medium: Masaki the Devourer


So you are looking for regular stuff to read and weight gain related stuff to read?

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Well that comic unlocked a memory, haven’t seen it in years.
I’ll check out those other stories.
It’s a shame I can’t even remember the name of the author, that might help.

Just weight gain stuff, I’ve got plenty of regular stuff to read and no offence to anyone here, if I was looking for regular suggestions I probably wouldn’t be asking here :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know the story you are looking for, but you’re welcome to peruse my da collection of story favs:

(Caution: stories of all genders in this collection).

Some favorite writers in the FWG category:

  • mcoddles, grand master of WG fics (and creator of the game Leotard Leslie!)
    –The Alice saga, a 120+ chapter study of three women and their weird friendship/rivalry as they grow
    Megan: a lazy college student tries to get easy credit as a TA for a culinary class; fatness ensues
  • ShrubberyLogistic: really strong at character voice with a penchant for sarcastic protagonists
    Take Me: a pair of college girls get cursed on Halloween
    Dealing with Gluttony: a clever, scheming witch tries to trick the wrong demon
    Eat Me: no “plot,” just a big lady having a good time stuffing herself
  • swahilimonkfish: More litfic than smut, but if you like some English Major in your wg stories, Fish delivers
    Le Mars, Iowa: a collaborative novella with Dania201, it follows a young trucker, her best friend, and more trying to live in a dead-end town
    Maybe: a very meta take on the meet-cute, and the desire and guilt that can come with this fetish
  • y2qwert: Another strong character writer. Lots of fat talk / fat-shaming in his stories (both consentual and non)
    When Luck Runs Out: protagonist discover her friend is blowing up, and her husband is saying such mean things to her! Or is he?
    Too Fat For That: an office worker claims she’s “too fat” to do things after overhearing her coworkers insult her weight. But what happens when her petty revenge attracts the wrong attention…
    Too Fat to Not: “Too Fat For That,” as told from the perpective of an obsessed feeder

A few more loose stories:
Piggy Squeals by BratwurstGuy. A detective must find a missing restauranteur, and the only way to do it is through the local mob boss’s gluttonous daughter
Insatiable by TAPSketchBBW: Pure smut story about a woman eating an increasingly improbable amount of food, despite her mental protestations
The Beer Belly Project by wafflekink: messy sapphic story about a lesbian feeder who has fallen for her straight married friend

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I never thought my ever-growing list of Things To Read EventuallyTM would come in useful, but here we are.

  • BratwurstGuy has already been mentioned, but in particular their When Freezer’s Fail story about a girl tasked with looking after her brother’s ice cream van.
  • Lenab33’s Stuffed Full series about two college roommates exploring their relationship (F/F). Includes AI art in certain scenes.
  • Ani-mam’s Dinner and Spirits series set in an RPG world where weight gain proves to be a very effective mechanic (F/F). Includes some art at the end of some chapters.

I’ve got plenty more on my list but having not read them (yet, hopefully maybe) I can’t really give a recommendation for or against.

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