Looking for twine games

Hey everyone, I’m basically looking for twine games I can play in my free time…


At the risk of looking like I’m sniping the thread, I’ll dump mine in here: AEC Sandbox by Yttreia
It’s about 90% furry and is about 80% inflation/expansion, though there’s definitely some legit WG scenes.

All text, no pictures.

If you click on the twine tag you will see all posts marked with that tag. Any under the projects category should be games you can play.

That being said adding tags is optional so there may be some that are not tagged.

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I really liked this one that was posted a while back:

Also, and I feel kind of awkward doing a bit of self-promotion, but I did just post my very first game and it’s in twine.

Hi, recently I’ve been making a twine game that is kinda like a Willy Wonka story.

It’s a work in progress atm but I’ll be updating it soon.