Looking for weight gain games... with a paywall

I have a lot of spare money lying around, but I’ve already gotten Worshippers of the Gain, Super Fatty RPG, and Super Fatty Office Simulator. Anymore paid for games like this? (Note: I’m looking for ideally weight gain focused games here. They can have other elements for sure, but a BIG thing is that I’m looking for weight gain games.)

Any and all help is appreciated. With all that said, have a swell day!

So far mentioned games:

Worshippers of the Gain
Super Fatty RPG
Super Fatty Office Simulator
Tribal Hunter
Covens of Calahree
The Pirate’s fate
Panic Diet
Pendand of Prosperity
The Weight Gain Dating Sim!
Smasher and the Will o’ Thiccs

(Edit: Putting this in General Discussion cause I’m not sure where else it fits)


dont forget tribal hunter!


Ah yes, Tribal Hunter, forgot about it. I have that one, good game!

Coven of Calahree: The Coven of Calahree by Earthbound Books
The Pirate’s Fate: The Pirate's Fate on GOG.com
Soft Fantasies is PWYW, so you can get it free, but I’m sure the dev would appreciate some cash: Soft Fantasies by Ziul Walls

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I mean if you have extra cash there are probably some patrons that could use funding


There’s also Panic Diet and Pendant of Prosperity.

The first does have you gain any more over 90 kgs (game over if you’re over), though it is fun to see the character balloon from 41 kgs (the lowest you can go before winning the game) back up to 90 kgs over a few burgers.

The second is a novel with a few images, centered around you dealing with your girlfriend and other characters when you gift her a unique pendant. There is vore and tf in it as well, but it mainly focuses on your girlfriend getting big in a variety of ways.

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you can always also donate to the games on itch.io

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The Weight Gain Dating Sim: The Weight Gain Dating Sim!


Smasher and the Will o’ Thiccs? I know it started from here iirc. Smasher and the Will o' the Thiccs on Steam

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Phew! Finally had the time to update the list, thank you everyone for your additions!

This might be the exact kind of thing you were looking for: CaptainElderly is creating Art, Games, and more! | Patreon

Around the last Game Jam, Captain Elderly made a great prototype called “Momulator”, and behind the scenes (as well as on twitter: https://twitter.com/CaptainElderly, just not shared here) they’ve still been working on it. The latest functioning protoype is said to be released some time in the coming two weeks and it looks quite impressive from what has been shown.

It’s not the exact thing I am looking for, but thank you still for the recommendation! I will add it to the list!

(That being said, credit to you for finding that sorta polygonal skater game! I am already highly interested in it, and will be keeping a hopeful eye on it from now on. You have my personal thanks!)