Loona into gluttony circle (A gameboy fat Helluva Boss plataformer mini game)

I want to share a mini fangame i made with gameboy studio that’s about Loona from Helluva Boss walking and jumping into the gluttony circle while she don’t touch anything suspicious if she don’t wants instantly be a blob.

And are just 3 short levels without continues.

It’s the first game i made. 256 KB file on MEGA

There is the newest version, an easier one with 3 game over screens but you start where you died. 256 KB file on MEGA

And it runs with a gameboy emulator as sameboy or similar https://sameboy.github.io/

And if you don’t want to donwload, there is an itch io version Loona into the gluttony circle by Jacalope


Its so good but its HARD


I’m glad to hear it’s hard but good.

In case you don’t want to download the rom, there is a itch.io version Loona into the gluttony circle by Jacalope

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Any Millie in this game, or just Loona?

Just Loona since it’s a minigame and it’s my first game, i barely knows how to use GB Studio to do more stuff.

If i know more then i would have put Millie on it.

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This is pretty neat! Although I had to rely on the rewind function a lot for the cave section, but that’s just a nit pick.

An idea, why not do a sequel to the bad end, where Millie has to go and try and get her out of that ring?

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Sounds as a good idea, just let me learn more to program in GB Studios to then make a sequel with Millie without feeling as a reskin.

I see there was problems with the intro after game over screen. I apology for that and now i updated it to avoid that mistake.

If someone codes in GB studio, please DM me to see how make the game better.

Update 1.0.2: There are some enemy position changes to make it easier, and now begins on the level you died, having their own game over screen.

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Welcome change, the game now has a nice balance of difficulty, leaning slightly towards “get gud.” Love the visuals and art made for this game. It’d be nice if jumps didn’t bounce you off the ceiling in level 3 straight to your death but I learned to adapt pretty quickly.

Well done for your first game! I can’t wait to see what else you may produce in the future!


Thanks, and yeah, i’m learning how to make games, not only coding, is also game design.

And it’s good that i find an excuse to put more blob loona and also making more easier to players with the game over screens.


i miss the old layout(is oke tho) but like the respawn and love the new pictures <333

honestly i need a world 2 and 3. make this shit mario!!! i love the concept and execution of this game


Update 1.0.3: Now it have music and hitsounds, the game over screens have longer duration to be appreciated and it’s friendly with phone users.

There’s the rom 256 KB file on MEGA


What would you think about Millie as this game’s hard mode?

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As in lower jump power or something, or more hazards?

same levels as Loona but with more hazards and maybe making her slower…

Sounds good.

Also, for some reason when I try to play the online version, it acts like I’m always pressing left.
I don’t know if that’s on my end or what, it’s just a weird thing I noticed.