Loona into gluttony circle (A gameboy fat Helluva Boss plataformer mini game)

Okay, I have started playing it and I’m gonna say, it’s hard but really fun!

Thank you pretty much.
Really wasn’t intentional making it hard but at least was fun.

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Update 1.0.6

There was one single thing that was mostly requested since the beginning of the release of this game. Of course, i am talking about weight stages.

I didn’t know how to put it and that was something i previously wanted to cover with the multiple game overs of the game but thanks to to the user UrgUrgUrg i find a way to put the weigh stages and finally it’s here. Long time and i finally find a way to put the weight stages.

I’m open to any feedback and any comment.

And the itch io page has been updated to play that version while you can donwload the zip with both recent and previous update and also the art pack on it. Loona into the gluttony circle by Jacalope

PD: the weight stages are only to Loona because Millie mode it’s hard mode.


How exactly do you access Millie mode?

In level 2, there are 2 ways, choose the lower one and then you have a shortcut that ends in the beginning of Millie mode.

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Thank you! I was struggling to find it.

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